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How Does Cloud Handle Overtime and Multiple Staff Types?



TouchBistro Cloud lets you set up rules for calculating overtime hours. The cloud site also has several labor reports that use these overtime rules for pay calculation. TouchBistro also allows staff members to be assigned multiple staff types.

For example, employee Sally has been assigned two staff types. She can clock in as a server or bartender. Every time Sally clocks in, she is prompted to pick the staff type she’s clocking in as. When Sally clocks in as a Server, TouchBistro calculates her pre-overtime wage at $5.00 an hour. When she clocks in as a Bartender, TouchBistro calculates her pre-overtime wage at $10.00 an hour.

Calculating Overtime Hours

Imagine employee Sally works January 1 to January 4. On January 1 she clocks in as a Bartender. On January 2 she clocks in as a Server. On January 3 she clocks in as a Server. Finally on January 4 she clocks in as a Bartender. On each of these days she works a 14-hour shift. You have set up your overtime rules to pay time and half on any hours worked that exceed 40 hours in a week.

The cloud’s Timesheet Details report best illustrates how TouchBistro calculates overtime when different shifts and different rates of pay are involved.

In the pictured example, we can see by January 3 Sally has exceeded the 40 hour cap. She’s worked for 42.02 hours, exceeding the cap by 2.02 hours. For her January 3 shift as a server, the first 12 hours of that shift are calculated as regular hours (see the Reg. Hrs. column) and at her regular rate of $5 an hour (see the Reg. Rate column). The 2.02 hours that crossed over the 40 hour weekly cap are separated out into the Pay Period OT Hrs. column and calculated at the overtime rate of $7.50 (see the Payout Period OT Rate column),

On January 4, Sally clocks in as a Bartender. She works another 14-hour shift. On January 3 she had exceeded the 40 hour cap. So at this point, on January 4, all her hours worked as a Bartender are classified as overtime hours. TouchBistro logs all 14 hours under the Payout Period OT Hrs. column. All of her hours are calculated at the time and a half rate for the staff type she clocked in as (that is, her Bartender rate of $10 an hour).