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Modifying Taxes in TouchBistro


Chapter 1. Introduction

Some jurisdictions (states, provinces, counties, cities, etc.) change their sales tax rates at the start of the year. Usually there are two kinds of changes:

1.  Change in the rate of an existing tax (up or down).

2.  A whole new tax in addition to the existing tax.

This guide will walk you through how to comply with the tax change in TouchBistro.

Note: Before you make any changes to your taxes, ensure you are not in service. Making administrative level changes while you’re in service can lead to data corruption.

Chapter 2. Changing the Tax Rate for an Existing Tax

1.  Login as Admin and tap Admin | Admin settings.

2.  Tap Menu and then Tax Settings.

3.  Tap on the tax rate you want to adjust. In this example, the County tax is going from .5% to 1.5%.

4.  Enter the new tax rate and tap Save.

TouchBistro will now charge the adjusted tax rate.

Chapter 3. Setting Up a New Tax

Some jurisdictions (like a state) give the local level of government (for example, a county or city) the right to charge a surtax. Other jurisdictions may institute a whole new tax (an alcohol tax, an entertainment tax, an improvement tax, a tax on sugared products, etc.). If your jurisdiction has added a new tax, you can create a new tax in TouchBistro and then associate it with your Menu Categories.

1.  Login as Admin and tap Admin | Admin settings.

2.  Tap Menu and then Tax Settings.

3.  Enable one of the unused taxes, for example Tax 2.

4.  Enter a name for the tax, any tax number that needs to appear on the guest check, and the tax percentage. Tap Save when you’re done.

5.  Tap < Menu to return to your Menu options.

6.  Tap Menu Categories.

7.  Tap a Menu Category the new tax applies to (for example, Appetizers).

8.  Tap Default Taxes.

9.  Tap the newly added tax and then tap Done.

10. Ignore the warning and tap OK. (If you later try to remove the new tax at the category level, you will need to heed this warning and remove the tax by menu item).

11. Repeat these steps for each menu category this new tax applies to.

12. If you edit a menu item, you will see TouchBistro adds the new tax to all items under the category. For example, we added the new County tax to the Appetizer menu category. We can see in the above image that TouchBistro has properly updated appetizer menu items with the new tax.

Section 1. Adjusting Menu Items

If for some reason you have individual menu items the new tax does not apply to, you can add the new tax to the menu category and then edit select menu items and remove the tax individually. For example, let’s say your government has introduced a sugar tax that gets applied to certain menu items like sodas and desserts.

So you might add the sugar tax to your Desserts category.

However, if you open your Desserts category via the Menu Items option, you can see several items are in this category that would not be required to charge the sugar tax. For example, while a Banana Split menu item certainly qualifies for the sugar tax, the Croissant, Americano, and Cappuccino menu items do not qualify.

1.  So simply tap a menu item (e.g., Croissant), scroll down to Taxes, and tap it.

2.  Tap the Sugar tax to disable it and tap Done.

3.  The tax is removed. Tap Done to save your changes.

4.  Repeat for each menu item that does not require the new tax.

Section 2. Enabling the New Tax Number on the Guest Check

If the newly added tax also requires you to include a tax number on guest checks, follow these steps:

1.  Tap Bill & Chit and tap Bills / Guest Checks.

2.  Tap Include Tax 2 Number (or Include Tax 3 Number if you’ve added a third tax). You will see the tax’s name in the bill preview.

3.  Tap Done to save your changes.