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TouchBistro is committed to responding to all support inquires. ​ For reporting inquiries or critical issues, please use the below form or email us at

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If you're in North America, you can reach us by phone at 888-342-0131. If you're in the UK, you can reach us by phone at 0800 051 3311 (Outside of North America +1-416-363-5252, Option 2). If you are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, please use the form above or email us at and a representative will contact you.

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You will shortly be receiving an email or call from TouchBistro to arrange requested installation and/or training aid.

Chapter 1. Getting Started

Getting started with TouchBistro is a five step process:

  1. Download TouchBistro to the iPad you’re using for your business
  2. Install Airport Utility or AmpliFi app, depending on which type of supported router you’re using
  3. Setup your restaurant/menu
  4. Update your software license
  5. Ensure you have Internet connectivity before your install/training

Before following these steps, please ensure that your iPad is running the latest iOS software. TouchBistro only supports iOS7 and above. To check this, go to the iPad’s Settings | General | Software Update. You might want to review TouchBistro hardware requirements at this page.

Chapter 2. Download TouchBistro

If you’ve not done so, on the iPad you want to use as your TouchBistro POS, download TouchBistro for free from the Appstore. Please download TouchBistro using same Apple ID that you wish to use to pay for the software license. Do not use an employee’s Apple ID. You do not want an employee leaving with the Apple ID and password.

Chapter 3. Install AirPort Utility or AmpliFi app

Visit the App Store on your iPad and search for the AirPort Utility app if you are using an Apple AirPort router, or the AmpliFi app if you’re using a Ubiquiti AmpliFi router. These are free apps, one of which you will need to configure your router.

Chapter 4. Create Your Restaurant

Open TouchBistro and select Setup New Restaurant. Tap New Restaurant. Complete your restaurant profile (name, address, email, etc.) and tap Create New Restaurant. Tap Register. Tap Register With Existing Account. Register your restaurant with the username and password provided to you by TouchBistro.

Note down your default Admin Pass: 1234.

From your floor plan screen, tap Admin | Admin Settings. You’re now ready to set up your restaurant, notably your menu, staff, and floor plan. It is not necessary that you setup the whole menu, staff list, or floor plan in one go. But it’s important, before your training, to have these things started.

To get started on your floor plan, menu, and your staff, see these chapters in the Administrator’s Guide:

Setting Up Your Menu – This is where you will program your menu.

Managing Staff – Here you set up login passwords and profiles for your staff. Make sure you create a manager profile for yourself and additional manager profiles for staff with managerial duties. Manager profiles can sign off on voids, run reports, and perform all end of day type duties like an admin profile. It’s advisable not use the admin profile for day to day operations.

Setting Up Your Floor Plan – Here is where you setup your tables, bars, and POS locations for takeout orders.

Chapter 5. Updating Your Software License

Your license is paid for but you need to link TouchBistro on your iPad to your account and license credentials. See this guide on how to update your license.

Chapter 6. Ensure You Have Internet Connectivity before Your Install/Training

Double check you have access to the Internet over your iPad before your scheduled install and training times.

Chapter 7. Help

TouchBistro’s Help site provides a wide range setup, user, and how to guides. It’s fully searchable and an excellent starting point for making the most out of TouchBistro. Below, are several important documents you should access to aid you in setting up any payment processor you’ve contracted with, securing your iPad, and important training documents.

Chapter 8. Payment Processor Guides

If you are using an integrated payment processor, you will find a setup guide on the resources site.

Chapter 9. Best Practices

Consult these guides for help implementing backup procedures and increasing the security of your iPad. As well, you should make sure you completely power your iPad at the end of day.

Backing Up TouchBistro: This guide will walk you through setting up a regular backup procedure for TouchBistro Pro. It is important your regularly backup your restaurant data.

Disable Automatic Updates: Automatic updates can pose certain problems when running TouchBistro. You do not want your iPad updating apps in the middle of a shift, for example. See this guide for full instructions on how to make sure TouchBistro is properly updated.

Locking your iPad in TouchBistro mode only: Follow this guide to configure your iPads to prevent users from exiting TouchBistro and accessing the iPad and other apps.

Prevent TouchBistro from being deleted: If you prefer to keep your iPad free to run other apps, you should prevent it from being easily deleted.

Chapter 10. Additional Online Resources

Review these pages and documents below. You will find these pages and documents useful for getting TouchBistro setup and making the most out of TouchBistro:

Administrator’s Guide: How to setup your restaurant using the Admin section. Basically your TouchBistro Owner’s Manual.

Setup Guides: A resource section helping you understand your hardware setup and setting up your payment processor of choice.

How To Guides: A resource section helping you with many common tasks and configuring your iPad for use as a POS.

What’s New: We regularly update TouchBistro with new features. New features and how to use them are detailed in our release notes. When you update TouchBistro, visit this page, download the latest release notes, and circulate them among your staff.