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Chapter 1. iPadOS

In September of 2019, Apple announced that going forward, iPads would come with iPadOS installed, rather than iOS. This is a change in nomenclature, but also a major change in direction for the iPad, as it gains features and becomes more competitive with traditional computers like Macs and PCs.

Chapter 2. What is iPadOS?

In conjunction with iOS 13 for iPhone, Apple is releasing iPadOS 13 for iPads. This allows Apple to develop and market OS features for the iPad without supporting these same features on the iPhone. iPad OS is somewhat more akin to a desktop operating system like MacOS or Windows.

When Apple first introduced the iPad in 2010, it ran iOS, the same operating system as the iPhone, Apple’s flagship mobile device. This meant that it could run the same apps, and functioned in much the same way as the iPhone, and was familiar to iPhone users. This made the iPad appealing for people who already had iPhones, who had already purchased apps for their iPhone in Apple’s App Store, and were perhaps already part of Apple’s ecosystem in other ways, through iCloud, iTunes, or perhaps other Apple services.

However, Apple has since began to take advantage of the iPad’s larger form factor, adding new interface features and elements, giving the iPad new functionality and features that are unworkable on iPhones, because of their smaller-sized screens. The addition of these features puts the iPad more on-par with a traditional laptop computer than a traditional smartphone, in terms of functionality.

Newer iPads also come equipped with a USB-C connector, rather than a Lightning connector. This gives these iPads the ability to connect to different kinds of devices, and in conjunction with iPadOS, broadens the possibilities for iPads going forward as multi-purpose computing devices. These iPads can now connect to the same kinds of peripherals that Macs and PCs connect to.

This means, for example, that you might opt to connect a mouse and keyboard to your iPad, so that you’ll be able to more easily make edits to your Menu, or make other changes to your POS system on your iPad.

Chapter 3. Updating TouchBistro POS in iPadOS

Before updating TouchBistro Point Of Sale, please be aware of all the implications involved. See Updating TouchBistro iPads.

Apps are updated differently in iPadOS 13 than they were in iOS 12 which came before it.

1. When app updates are available, the App Store icon will appear with a red badge in the top right-hand corner of the icon. Tap the icon to open the App Store.

2. Tap on your Apple ID avatar in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Tap Update to the right of TouchBistro Point Of Sale. Conversely, you may tap Update All if you are sure you wish to update all available apps on your iPad.

4. Wait as your app (or apps) update. The circular button shows the progress of your download as you wait. Tapping the circular button pauses the download, should you wish to interrupt the process.

5. When your update is complete, the circular progress button transforms into an Open button. Tapping on this button opens the application directly.

Chapter 4. TouchBistro and iPadOS

iPadOS will not affect the way you use TouchBistro day-to-day. Your TouchBistro POS system will function in the same way that it did before the upgrade to iPadOS, and any changes to the operating system should not force any major changes to the way you conduct your business.

Section 1. iPadOS Dark Mode

iPadOS 13 and iOS 13 include a system-wide dark mode feature that works automatically with websites and supported apps. However, this feature does not function with TouchBistro, because TouchBistro already has it’s own Dark Mode feature.

Dark Mode in TouchBistro POS can be turned on or off for each Staff Member individually, as per their personal preference. Please see Adding A Staff Member for more details.

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