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How to Put your Star SP700 Back into Star Mode


If you have set your Star impact printer to Epson mode and need to set it back to Star mode, follow these steps. Repeat these steps for EVERY Star printer that needs to be set back to Epson mode.

1. Turn off the power to the printer.

2. Flip it upside down.

3. Unscrew the panel on the bottom. (This will require a Phillips head screw driver.)

4. Push Dip Switch #4 back to the top.

5. Your dip switches should appear as pictured above.

6. Screw the cover back on.

7. Turn the printer on.

8. Go to the iPad.

9. Open TouchBistro.

10. Load the venue’s restaurant.

11. Log in as Admin.

12.Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right.

13.Tap Printer & KDS.

14.Tap on Kitchen (or the name of the printer you’re switching back to Star mode).


15.Tap Star Micronics Impact (SP712ML / SP742ML).

16.Tap Done.

17.Test the printer by sending an order to that printer. Ensure the print out looks okay.

If you have to set your printer back to Epson mode, see this document.