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How to Factory Reset your Epson TM-m30 Thermal Printer


Chapter 1. Introduction

You may need, at the direction of a TouchBistro support representative, to set your TM-m30 Thermal Printer back to its factory. If so follow these steps.

Chapter 2. Factory Reset

1.  Ensure your printer is powered off.

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2.  Locate the Reset button (the “Status Sheet” button) at the back of the printer. Press it down with a pen tip.

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3.  With the Reset button depressed, turn the printer’s power back on. Keep the Reset button depressed.

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4.  Release the Reset button when the printer prints the “Initialization complete” notice.

5.  Do not turn off the printer.

6.  After a few seconds, the printer will generate a print out with your printer’s dynamically assigned IP address.

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