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How to Generate and Use QR Codes


Chapter 1. A Word about Passcode Security

To prevent guests from picking up your iPad and guessing at passcodes, you should give each staff member a long passcode. Do not use passcodes between one and three numbers in length. Use a passcode four or more numbers in length. Do not use easy to guess passcodes like 1234 or a single repeating number like 5555 or 7777.

If you need to generate a number of passcodes for staff, there are several websites that will generate a list of random number for you.

Visit a site like Random.Org and generate a series of random number between 1000 and 9999 for a list of 4 digit passcodes or 10000 and 99999 for a list of 5 digit passcodes.

Print the generated list and refer to it as you create staff accounts, giving each a unique, secure passcode.

Chapter 2. Generating a QR Code

A longer passcode can be hard to remember. Instead of having staff and managers remember a longer passcode, you can generate each staff member a unique QR code and let them use that to log in.

1.Login as Admin.

2.Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

3.Tap Staff.

4.Tap a staff member.

5.Tap Manage QR Code.

6.Print the QR code from the app or email it to your staff member. It will be emailed as a PDF file.

Note: You cannot create a staff account without a passcode. In other words, you can’t create an account protected only by a QR Code. Even if you’re going to be using QR Codes for all staff logins, still ensure every account is protected by a 4+ character passcode. See “A Word about Passcode Security” on page 1 for a way to quickly generate a list of unique 4-5 digit passcodes for your staff.

Chapter 3. Using a QR Code

Note: TouchBistro needs permission to access your camera to use this feature.

1.Print out the QR Code and give each staff member his/her QR Code. You might want to laminate it or make it part of a badge. Staff members could also keep the QR Code image on their smart phone for scanning.

2.When the staff member logs in, instead of entering a passcode, tap the QR Code image icon on the top right.

3.Hold the QR code up to the iPad’s front facing camera until scanned and the user is logged in.