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Forwarding TouchBistro Cloud Reports in Gmail


Chapter 1. Setting Up a Filter in Gmail

TouchBistro sends your cloud reports to the email address you registered TouchBistro with. This is the “admin” email. However, the holder of the Admin account may not require these report emails and prefers them to be sent to his/her manager’s email. Although you can’t set up alternative emails for reports in TouchBistro, most email systems allow you to create filters or rules that forward emails of a certain type to other email addresses.

This guide will walk you through how to forward your TouchBistro Report emails to an alternative email address.

1.  Click the checkbox next to a report email. Click More. Click Filter messages like these.

2.  Put TouchBistro Report in the Subject line. If you leave this blank, all emails from TouchBistro to the Admin will get forwarded to the manager email.

3.  Click Create filter with this search.

4.  Click Add forwarding address.

5.  Click the Add a forwarding address button.

6.  Enter the email address of your manager and click Next.

7.  Click Proceed.

8.  Click OK. Have your manager open his/her email.

9.  The manager should then click on the approval link.

10. Once approved, click Verify.

11. You’ll then see the email selected. Click the Forward radio button and then Save Changes.

12. Any time you get a report email into the admin account, Gmail will now automatically bounce it to the manager email. If your manager leaves, access Settings and click the Filters and Blacked Address tab and edit or delete the filter.

Section 1. Troubleshooting

The filter you set up depends on the email generated by TouchBistro coming from and having TouchBistro Report in the Subject line. It’s possible in the future TouchBistro alters the email or the Subject line. If your email system appears to stop forwarding report emails, double check the TouchBistro email and the Subject line have not changed.

Chapter 2. Other Email Systems

Other email systems should provide similar functionality. For example Hotmail/Outlook Live you can do it by clicking the Create rule option and set up a forward.

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