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Extend your Wireless Network using an Amplifi MeshPoint HD device


Chapter 1. Introduction

If you run a large, or oddly-shaped venue, you might find that the range of your Ubiquiti AmpliFi router doesn’t extend to all of the iPads on the network during service. Distance, certain types of building materials, or even radio interference can affect TouchBistro’s performance.

However, you can easily extend your wireless network using devices called Mesh Points. Mesh Points can be positioned at key points within your venue, essentially bridging the gap between your network router (the AmpliFi) and your iPads, and other devices on the network. Add Mesh Points around you venue to eliminate dead spots.

If you’ve purchased the AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System which includes Mesh Points, they are already configured to work with your AmpliFi router, and can be plugged-in to power without configuration.

Only one Amplifi MeshPoint HD device should be set up at one time.

Chapter 2. Mesh Point HD Topology

Section 1. Adjustable Antenna

The Antenna on the Mesh Point HD can be swivelled and rotated in order that it might receive the optimal radio signal. If you suspect that your Mesh Point isn’t functioning optimally, try repositioning the antenna, or plugging your Mesh Point HD into a different outlet.

Section 2. Signal LEDs

The Mesh Point will indicate it’s signal strength using the Signal LEDs. These are also used to indicate the Mesh Point’s status during setup. For more information, see the section on LED Indicators.

Section 3. Magnetic Connector

The semi-spherical magnetic connector at the bottom of the antenna connects to the receptacle at the top of the Mesh Point Base. Be cautious not to put the Mesh Point in a place where the antenna might be knocked-off the base, or otherwise dislodged or damaged. It is connected only with a magnet, and can be easily removed.

Section 4. Mesh Point Base

The Mesh Point Base plugs into the wall, and provides power to the entire device.

Chapter 3. Setting Up Your Mesh Point HD

1. Plug the Amplifi MeshPoint into a power outlet.

2. Tap New Mesh Point when it appears on the screen. It can sometimes take a few minutes to appear. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device if you are having trouble connecting to your Mesh Point.

3. Type in a name for this Mesh Point. It makes sense to give it a name corresponding to the area where you are using it. If you are using it to extend connectivity to the Front Bar, then it makes sense to call the Mesh Point “Front Bar”. Press Continue.

Your AmpliFi Mesh Point HD Wi-Fi extender should now be operational, giving your POS iPads an additional access point within your restaurant.

Chapter 4. LED Indicators

The LED indicator lights on your Mesh Point HD antenna let you know the status of your device during setup.


LED State

Ready to Add
The three middle LEDs will continually flash on and off indicating a MeshPoint is ready for configuration.

Booting Up
Once configured, the LEDs will indicate the device is booting up with a looping motion of the LEDs lighting up from bottom to top.

Searching for Network
The LEDs will indicate the MeshPoint is searching for the network by lighting up from the middle outwards.

Once the MeshPoint is connected, the LEDs will represent the signal strength.

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