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Chapter 9: POS Connectivity


If you are using the pro version of TouchBistro, tap POS Connectivity. This screen allows you to upload your newly configured restaurant to your Mac server. You can then sync your other iPads.

If you are using TouchBistro Standard (that is a single iPad solution) can skip this chapter.

Chapter 1. Before You Begin

1. Ensure you’ve downloaded and installed the Pro Server application.

2. Ensure your iPad is connected to your TouchBistro network before attempting to connect to the server.

3. Open Pro Server and locate the IP address Pro Server has reserved. Copy this IP address down, make sure you include the: 1337.

Chapter 2. Uploading Your Restaurant

1. Enter the IP address and Port of the Mac computer running Pro Server.

2. Tap Upload Restaurant to Server.

After uploading, you can now sync your additional iPads.

If you are using TouchBistro in the Pro configuration (that is, multiple iPads synced with TouchBistro Pro Server) and you need to repair your restaurant data, upload your restaurant data to support, or download a support patch, use the Support options found on your Pro Server application running on your Mac Server.

Chapter 3. Accessing Support Features on your Server

1. Ensure TouchBistro Pro Server is on running on the server computer.

2. Open TouchBistroPro Server.

3. Click on Support.

4. Select the option TouchBistro Support has instructed you to use.

Section 1. Repair Restaurant Data

If directed by support, click this to scan and repair any inconsistencies found in the restaurant’s SQL data file.

Section 2. Upload Restaurant Data to Support

Click Upload Restaurant Data to Support to send TouchBistro your Pro Server restaurant data (that is, your SQL files). Only send these files if you’ve been asked by support to send your restaurant data. When you click Upload Restaurant Data to Support, TouchBistro prompts you to add contact information and comments to aid support in diagnosing your problem. Complete this and click Upload.

Section 3. Download Support Patch

This option lets you download a prepared patch for your Pro Server’s restaurant data. Again, only use this option if instructed to by TouchBistro.

If a patch is available for download, your TouchBistro support technician will email you a passcode. After clicking Download Support Patch, enter the supplied passcode and click Continue.

You’ll be prompted the patch was applied successfully. Click OK and then quit TouchBistro Pro Server. Re-open TouchBistro Pro Server and connect your iPads.

Section 4. Automatic Backup

Before TouchBistro installs a new version, it backs up your restaurant data to your Mac computer.

If you need to restore to your restaurant data, tap Restore From Backup. You can also do a manual backup at any time by tapping Create Backup.

If you tap Restore From Backup you will see a list of backups on the Mac computer. Tap the backup you wish to restore. Before TouchBistro performs any restore from backup it will do a “pre-restore” backup. If for some reason the backup restore is unsatisfactory you can return to your restaurant data before you restored your older data.

Note: All backup data is kept on your Pro server computer. If you lose your Mac computer you lose this data. Hence, this is not a substitute for backing up your Mac computer to a thumb drive or external hard drive. This will not let you “roll back” to a previous version of TouchBistro (for example from 7.3 to 7.2). It is only intended as an extra layer of security for your restaurant data when you do version updates.

Section 5. Change Port

If directed by support to change your port number, click TouchBistro Pro Server | Change Port. Enter the new port number. You should never change your port number unless directed by support.

Chapter 4. iPad Diagnostics

Tap TouchBistro from your Admin settings screen to get key data about an individual iPad, network, and details about TouchBistro. If you call or email support, this information may be requested. Note, Last Archived Date is no longer used.

Additional diagnostic tools are below:



Online Diagnostic Test

Tap to quickly run a connectivity test for your integrated payment provider and cloud syncing.

Online Help

This will launch your iPad browser and take you to this help site.

Chapter 5. Send Screen Shots to Support

At times, support might need you to send a screen capture of what you’re seeing on your iPad screen, for example your diagnostic screen.

When you’re in TouchBistro, simultaneously press the lock/power button and the Home button. If your iPad doesn’t have a Home button, simultaneously press the lock/power button and the volume up button . Release and you will hear a shutter sound.

TouchBistro will ask you if you want to send the screen capture to support. You can add a comment to the screen capture, helping you add additional information for support purposes.

Chapter 6. Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity Check

Most wireless TouchBistro operations only require a local Wi-Fi connection. Some features like credit card processing, accessing cloud reporting, or emailing receipts also require an Internet connection. To aid support in determining your connectivity, your TouchBistro diagnostic screen provides details about your network.

Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity Check from your Login Screen

You can also get a quick check of your connectivity status from your login screen. The color of the icon provides the following information.



You have no Wi-Fi and no Internet connection.

You are missing either a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. If you are using the Pro version a yellow status might also indicate your Pro server has no connection to the Internet.

You have both a Wi-Fi and Internet connection.

If your Connectivity Status is yellow tap the icon to see details of what is missing.

Chapter 7. TeamViewer Integration

Tap the Admin or Option menu item and tap Help.

From this dialog box you can, if directed by support, launch a live support session. Also if you tap here, you can access TouchBistro’s online help section. Note: You must have been given an invite code to get the live support session to work.

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