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Chapter 8: Advanced, Security, and Cloud Settings


Chapter 1. Advanced

Tap Advanced to fine tune TouchBistro to your operational specifics. TouchBistro has set the most likely defaults. Under Advanced you can override those defaults. Tap and scroll up on the Advanced settings screen to reveal additional settings.

Section 1. Order Input Custom Settings



Automatically Proceed to Order Input Screen

Toggle off if you wish TouchBistro to remain on the floor plan screen after choosing the table’s party size.

Return After Printing

By default, after sending an order to the kitchen, you will be returned to the Floor plan screen. Tap to set TouchBistro to send the user to the login screen or tap Disable for no action. Tap Done when selected.

Send All Items From Order Input

If toggled off, the Send All button on the front end Order screen (which will send all items ordered to the appropriate chit printers), will no longer appear. Individual order will then need to be sent via the Course Options  icon and sent on a course by course basis.

Open Cash Drawer When Accepting Cash Payments

If you want TouchBistro to be able to open your cash drawer automatically when a cash payment is entered, toggle this on.

Open Cash Drawer When Accepting Credit Payments

If you want TouchBistro to be able to open your cash drawer automatically when a credit card is entered, toggle this on.

Require Auth #

If you’re using an external credit card payment system not integrated into TouchBistro but want to match the system’s authorization numbers with payment information recorded in TouchBistro, toggle this on.

Allow Discounts on Alcohol

Toggle off to prevent any discounts you’ve set up to be applied to items flagged as an alcohol sales category. See Discounts for more information about setting up discounts.

Print and Close from Table

This option only controls the receipt options when you cash out a table. If toggled off, TouchBistro will not display the options to print the receipt.

Show “Email Receipt” option when closing paid order

If you do not want to offer emailed receipts, you can toggle this off.

Auto Close Forced Modifiers

Leave on to speed ordering of items with forced modifiers. If you have items that have a mix of forced and optional modifiers, (for example, burger toppings), you might want to disable this.

Show Menu Item Modifier Category

If disabled, TouchBistro turns off the Modifier option to add another menu item as a modifier.

Default to seat

Tap to set for the seat/shared order default on the Order screen. Select Seat 1 if you want the initial focus to be on Seat 1. Select Shared Order if you want the initial focus to be on Shared Order (orders intended for all party members and all party members are responsible for paying equally).

Lock Menu View Toggle

Tap to lock the view to a specific view: List View, Image Grid View, or Text Grid View. If locked to a view, TouchBistro will indicate the view is locked if the View icon is tapped.

Section 2. Point of Sale Custom Settings



Print And Close From POS

This option only controls the receipt options when you cash out the cash register. If toggled off, TouchBistro will not display the options to print the receipt.

Prompt for Guest Name

If toggled on, TouchBistro will prompt the user to enter a party or guest name when the POS (cash register) is accessed. The name entered will appear on the receipt. This is useful if you use names on receipts to help expedite orders.

Section 3. Staff Settings



Automatically Log Users Out After

If TouchBistro detects a period of inactivity, it will automatically log the user out and require a new log in. You can set the inactivity time or set it to Never. Use Never with caution, as it might make TouchBistro vulnerable to unauthorized use.

Print Chit On Clock In And Clock Out

Toggle on if you want a paper record of when staff members are clocking in and out.

Section 4. Printing Settings



Printer Items’ Short Name

Tap to set where TouchBistro should use a menu item’s short name. You can have TouchBistro use it on the kitchen chit/ticket, on the guest receipt, or in reports. If you tap Receipt, the TouchBistro Customer Facing Display will also use the short name.

Note: the KDS will not use the short name.

Enable Safe Printing

If you are experiencing problems when printing multiple bills/kitchen chits/tickets, enable this option.

Show Voided Items On Bill/Guest Check

If you prefer not to show voided items on receipts, toggle this off.

Print Void Chits When Items Are Voided

If you prefer not to print chits recording voids, toggle this off.

Section 5. Other Settings



Automatically Load Previously Opened Restaurant

Toggle on if you don’t want TouchBistro to prompt you with which restaurant to open.


Show Party Name On Bar Stools

If enabled, TouchBistro will display any entered party name on bar stools. Long names will be truncated.

Logout After Paying Bill

If you want to always force the user to log back in after closing a table, toggle this on.

Automatically Mark Items Out Of Stock

You can have TouchBistro automatically mark a menu item unavailable and prevent staff from adding it to an order when its inventory count reaches zero. Note: List view only.

Show Non-Integrated Payment Options

If you’re using an integrated payment solution (e.g., Moneris, Mercury, etc.), you can remove the non-integrated payment options on the checkout screen to avoid confusion.

Enable Animation

Disable to suppress slide-like transition effects when moving between screens or opening dialog boxes. If you are having issues with changing between Portrait and Landscape, disable animations. 

Show Contact List when Entering Names

Enable for TouchBistro to autofill on name fields when creating Orders.

Custom Modifier Suffix

The text entered here will be appended to any custom modifier entered by a server, helping alert kitchen staff the modifier is a custom modifier.

Section 6. Register Buttons



Change Register Buttons

You can enable or disable which buttons you want to appear on the Point of Sale cash register.

Credit on Fast Bar

Disable if you want to remove the credit card button from the fast bar screen.

Debit on Fast Bar

Disable if you want to remove the debit card button from the fast bar screen.

1) Change Register Buttons

1.  If you tap Change Register Buttons, you can customize what buttons appear in the “fast pay” area of the cash register.

2.  To add or change a button, first tap the cell you want to add a button to or change.

3.  Then tap the button you want to appear in that cell.

4.  If you want to remove a button, you can tap the cell and then tap Remove Button.

5.  On your Order screen the remaining fast pay buttons will resize to fit the space.

6.  Make sure you tap Done/Save to save your changes.

7.  If you tap Reset All, you can return the fast pay buttons back to the TouchBistro default.

2) Button Options




Tap if exact change is given.

Smart 1, 2, 3

Smart buttons try to predict what kind of bill or bills will be presented to pay based on the total.


Tap to access the cash payment dialog box.


Tap to access the debit payment dialog box.


Tap to access the credit card payment dialog box.


Convert this POS order to a Bar Tab.

No Sale/Clear

The No Sale button opens the cash drawer if there’s no items ordered. Clear deletes all items ordered.

Print Bill/Print Prev.

Print Bill prints the current bill. Print Prev. prints the last closed bill.


Convert this POS order to a Takeout order.


Convert this POS order to a Delivery order.


Pay with PayPal.

Send All

Sends all the items ordered to the kitchen ticket printer.

Pay In/Out

Makes the payout/pay in feature available on the cash register screen.


Pay with SmoothPay.

Section 7. Party Number

When you start your day, TouchBistro assigns the first order a party name number of 1. Each new order gets incremented by 1. When you close your day, the party name number is reset for the next day.

Some venues prefer their party number resets to 1 after a certain number of orders have been created. For example, after 100 orders, the party number resets to 1. If you would like your Party Name number to reset to 1 after an upper limit is reached, slide Enable Max Party Number to the green position. Enter the highest party number in the Max Party Number field.

Chapter 2. Security

Tap Security to fine tune TouchBistro’s security settings. Many of these settings help you limit and track staff activity. You can set security options individually or use the Security Presents to quickly set an overall security level




Sets all security settings to disabled.


Sets some security setting to enabled. If you’re unsure about setting, Medium is a good start.


Sets all security settings to enabled.

Section 1. Security Options



Require Manager Passcode to Void Items

If enabled, a manager confirmation screen will appear if a server tries to void a sent menu item. Toggle off if non-manager/non-admin users can void receipt items. 

Require Manager Passcode to Delete Items

If enabled, a manager confirmation screen will appear if a server tries to delete any item added to an order screen. 

Track Deleted Items

Toggle on to track via a Labor | Deleted Items Report.

Unsent Items Warning

Tap to set how you want TouchBistro to react when Checkout is tapped on the Order screen and ordered items have yet to be sent to a kitchen or bar.

Ignore will generate no warning message there are unsent items you are trying to bill for.

Warn will generate a warning message.

Manager Required will require a manager to allow the server to proceed to the check out with items still flagged as unsent.

Manager Required (Mark Items as Sent) will require a manager to allow the server to proceed to the check out. TouchBistro will flag the items as being sent, although no ticket will be transmitted to the kitchen. Items marked as sent can later be voided and TouchBistro will print a void ticket to the designated kitchen printer.

Unselected Modifier Warning

Menu items with a forced modifier can still be added to an Orders screen without a required modifier. However, you can set how TouchBistro deals with such items before they’re sent to a chit or receipt printer. Tap and set. Ignore will send with the order. Warn will warn you about missing modifiers and give you a chance to correct if it was an oversight. Manager Required will require a manager passcode before the order can be sent.

Require manager Passcode to Open Cash Drawer

If toggled off, the cash drawer can be opened by any staff member by tapping No Sale or Open Cash Drawer.

Require Manager Passcode to Discount Items

Toggle off if non-manager/non-admin users can discount menu items.

Allow Staff Editing of Modifiers

If disabled, staff cannot change modifier settings.

Lock Staff To Assigned Tables

Toggle to on if you want to prevent staff to see the Order screens of tables not assigned to them.

Lock Staff To Assigned Tabs/Deliveries/Takeouts

Toggle to on if you want to prevent staff to see the bar tabs, deliveries, or takeouts (under Orders) not assigned to them.

Require Passcode To Transfer Tables Between Staff

Toggle on if you want to require a manager or admin passcode to transfer a table to another staff member.

Require Passcode To Transfer Tabs/Deliveries/Takeouts Between Staff

Toggle on if you want to require a manager or admin passcode to transfer a bar tab, delivery, or takeout assigned to them to another staff member.

Require Passcode To Transfer Tables Between Parties

Toggle on if you want to require a manager or admin passcode to transfer a party table to another table.

Require Passcode To Change Gratuity

Disable if if you want to give the server the discretion to add or remove an automatic gratuity.

Require Passcode To Open Restaurant

By default, anyone with a passcode can open an existing restaurant upon launching TouchBistro. If you prefer, you can limit the opening. If this is enabled, you will also require the Admin passcode to access the Admin Options section.

Chapter 3. Cloud

Tap Cloud to enable TouchBistro to interact with cloud features.



Active Table Sync

Activate to enable PayPal Pay at Table features. Disable to temporarily suspend the features.

Cloud Reporting Sync

Disable if you don’t wish to use Cloud Reporting.

Section 1. Uploading Your Menu

If you need to back up your menu and have it put on another iPad, view this tutorial.

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