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Changing TouchBistro’s Display Language & Currency


Language and currency settings need to be set up on each individual iPad separately, and cannot be changed via Cloud.

Chapter 1. Current Supported Languages

1. English

2. Spanish

Chapter 2. Changing the Display Language

TouchBistro detects your iPad’s default language and automatically displays the same language if available. So, if your iPad is set to display Spanish, TouchBistro will use the Spanish language version. To set your iPad to one of the supported languages, follow these steps:

1. Tap your iPad’s Settings icon.

2. Tap General, scroll down in the right frame, and tap Language & Region.

3. Tap iPad Language to open the list of languages. (Bear in mind that not all languages are not supported within TouchBistro.)

4. Select an available language. For example, Spanish or Latin America Spanish.

5. Tap Done and then Continue.

6. The screen will go blank for a moment while the iPad installs the new language.

7. After being returned to the Language screen, double check your iPad has set the correct language.

8. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home button and launch TouchBistro.

9. TouchBistro will automatically detect the new language and display screens and dialog boxes in the newly selected language.

Chapter 3. Changing the Currency Symbol

The currency symbol ($, £, €, ₹, ₽ etc.) used in TouchBistro can be changed using your iPad’s Settings. Changing your Region Settings may also affect the way in which dates, times, and languages are displayed.
NOTE: TouchBistro displays all currencies with two decimal places, regardless of which currency is selected.

1. Tap your iPad’s Settings icon.

2. Tap General, scroll down in the right frame, and tap Language & Region.

3. Tap Region.

4. Type the name of your region (the name of your country, or administrative region) into the field that appears at the top of the Region list, select your region and tap Done.

5. Tap Change To… in the Change Region dialog box if you’d like to change the language setting, or tap Keep… if you’d like your language to remain the same.

Currency symbols for your region will now be displayed in TouchBistro, and on receipts.