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How to Change your Apple ID after you’ve Installed TouchBistro


Chapter 1. Before You Begin

If you have downloaded and installed the trial version of TouchBistro using your personal Apple ID (or the ID of an employee) but would like to purchase the registered version under another Apple ID (for example your company or restaurant’s Apple ID), this document will explain how to swap Apple IDs on your iPad before purchasing the full version.

Before following these steps, ensure that you are running the latest version of iTunes on your computer. You can use iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC.

Chapter 2. Backup your iPad with iTunes

1.    Plug your iPad into any computer with iTunes installed.

2.    Wait until iTunes launches.

Windows version of iTunes used in sample screens

3.    Select your iPad in iTunes

4.    On the Summary page, click Back Up Now. Backup your iPad to your computer.

Chapter 3. Delete the TouchBistro app

1.    First ensure you’ve not set your iPad to prevent Apps from being deleted. See How to prevent TouchBistro from being deleted from your iPad for information on how to toggle this setting on/off.

2.    Locate the TouchBistro app on your iPad. Tap and hold for a moment.

3.    Tap the X on the TouchBistro app icon to delete it.

4.    Tap Delete on the warning dialog box.

5.    Tap your Home button to turn the delete mode off.

Chapter 4. Sign Out of Your Old Apple ID and Sign In with Your New ID

1.  Tap Settings.

2.  Tap iTunes & App Store.

3.  Tap Sign Out.

4.  Tap Sign In and use the correct Apple ID.

Chapter 5. Download TouchBistro and install it on your iPad

1.    Connect your iPad to the same computer you used for the backup.

2.    Go to the App Store (either from your iPad or your computer’s iTunes), search for “TouchBistro”,and download TouchBistro.

3.    Ensure TouchBistrois installed.

Chapter 6. Restore Backup

1.    On iTunes, click on your iPad and access your iPad’s Summary page.

2.    In the iTunes application, select Restore Backup.

3.    Select the backup you just performed and click Restore.

4.    This will restore all of your data that you backed up.

5.    After restoring your backup, double check to ensure that your new Apple ID is in place. Return to Settings | iTunes & App Store on your iPad to verify.

6.    Your iPad is now ready for TouchBistro licensing.