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How do I Adjust Previously Closed Bills?


1. Log in using an admin or manager code. Ideally you should use a manager code. You should not use your admin code for any other purpose other than adjusting your restaurant setup.

2. Tap Admin | Bill / Guest Check History in the top right hand corner.

checklistimage004 Opening Day Steps Walk Through

3. Select start and finish dates where all practice occurred.

4. Tap Refresh.

checklistimage005 Opening Day Steps Walk Through

5. In the Results column tap on a receipt to be deleted.

6. Tap on the imaged receipt to display the Bill Options menu.

7. Tap Reopen as a Tab.

8. Tap Yes.

checklistimage006 Opening Day Steps Walk Through

9. Tap Orders.

12. Tap All Bar Tabs. Look for the bill that has the words Unseen/Unpaid in the cell.

13. Tap on the item.

adjclosedbillimage009 How do I Adjust Previously Closed Bills?

14. Adjust and process the payment as you normally would.

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