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Accepting Credit Card Payments Via a Swiper


Chapter 1. Introduction

If you are processing card payments via a swiper (also known as a mobile card reader), use this section. Remember, since the swiper uses the audio jack, ensure the volume is turned all the way up.

Chapter 2. Processing a Payment

1. From the Checkout screen, tap Credit Card.

2. Slide the credit card through the reader, magnetic strip to the bottom and facing you.

3. Tap Pay in Full. Do not include tip. Alternatively, if the customer only wishes to pay a portion of the full amount, enter the amount the customer wishes to charge to the card and tap Charge.

4. If TouchBistro is setup for sign on screen, continue with the steps under For Sign on Screen. If TouchBistro is setup for sign on receipt, follow the steps under For Sign on Slip.

Section 1. For Sign on Screen

1. If you set up TouchBistro to accept on screen sign-ons, you will be prompted to pass the iPad to the customer. Tap Continue.

2. TouchBistro will present the customer with tipping options. Instruct the customer to select a tip and tap Done when ready.

3. TouchBistro will present the customer with a sign on screen box. Instruct the customer to sign with the tip of their finger or an iPad compatible stylus in the white box.

4. Tap Done to process the checkout.

Note, tips left on credit cards are assigned to the owner of the table. If another staff member clocks in and processes the payment, the tip will be assigned to the table owner, not the clocked-in staff member who takes the payment. For example, Sally opens and serves the table. During her break James clocks in and the table asks to pay. James processes the payment. The tip left on the credit card will be assigned to Sally.

Section 2. For Sign on Slip

1. If you set up TouchBistro to require signatures on the printed slip, you will be presented with a Charge Amount screen.

2. Retain the iPad, do not pass it to the customer, and tap Pay in Full.

3. TouchBistro will print your credit card receipt printer.

4. Present the receipt to the customer for signing and inclusion of a tip.

Important: If a tip is entered on the printed receipt, TouchBistro has no way of knowing the full amount that needs to be charged to the card (bill total + tip).You need to reconcile tips entered on the printed receipt with the bill total recorded as paid in TouchBistro. See Reconciling Tips Written on Receipts for information how to reconcile and get the full amount properly charged to the card.

Chapter 3. Closing the Table

1. After the bill has been paid in full, TouchBistro will prompt you to close the table.

2. Tap one of the receipt options.

3. If the patrons wish to linger after paying and may purchase more, tap Continue Without Closing Table.

4. If the bill was not paid in full, you will be returned to the Checkout screen. You will see the amount remaining. Advise the customers to include the tip ONLY on the last payment, otherwise tips are applied to the balance. Additional payments can be made using the options under Payment Options.

Chapter 4. Split by Seat

Tap Split by Seating on the Checkout screen and tap the seat sub bills at the bottom of the Checkout screen to arrange by-seat payments.

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