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Working with Guest Feedback


If you are using the Customer Web App, you can add a Feedback button to your Customer Web App and collect critical customer feedback. Feedback is collated on your Loyalty dashboard and gives you key insights into not only a customer’s satisfaction with his/her visit but insights into the customer’s satisfaction with your menu items.

Before You Begin

You will need to be signed up with the Premium loyalty tier to get access to feedback.

Adding a Feedback Button to Your Customer Web App

1.  On your Loyalty dashboard, click Restaurant Web App Admin Page.

2.  Click and drag the Feedback button to the Customer Web App wireframe.

3.  Click Save.

4.  Click Save Changes. You can click View Saved App to preview the button.

Customer Use

When Can a Customer Leave Feedback?

Once the Feedback button is set up on the Customer Web App, the diner should see it in their phone or other device next time they open the Customer Web App. Feedback is tied to specific loyalty events, namely a check in or a reward redemption.


Upon completion of a TouchBistro transaction, a diner will get an SMS requesting he/she leaves feedback if these conditions are met:

1.  The diner has used his/her loyalty account to check-in or claim a reward for that transaction.

2.  The diner has supplied a mobile phone number as part of his/her loyalty account.

Depending on what SMS app the diner user, he/she should be able to tap on a provided link to be taken to the Customer Web App.

By default the diner will be notified 30 minutes after completing a transaction. However, you can increase or decrease this lag time by reaching out to TouchBistro Support.

Leaving Feedback on the Customer Web App

1.  The diner should tap the Feedback button you added to the Customer Web App.

2.  The diner will see a list of visits over the last 90 days. Multi location concerns will also display the specific restaurant. The diner can click on one to leave feedback.

3.  The diner is then walked through the Feedback wizard. The diner can leave a star rating for the entire experience as well as leave custom comments. The diner can click continue to progress through the Feedback wizard.

4.  The diner is then prompted to leave fixed “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. As well the diner can leave a custom comment. The diner should then tap Submit Feedback.

Note: If a menu item was modified with another menu item (for example, the Chicken Wings come with a choice of menu items from the Sides category), the menu item being used as the modifier will not be offered for feedback.

7.  The diner will then see their visit feedback has been marked Completed. The diner can review their feedback but won’t be able to edit them after submission.

Reporting and Analysis

Click on Guest Feedback to see details about customer feedback.

Experience Feedback

By default, it lands on the Experience Feedback tab. This would be the initial rating page the diner is presented with on via the Feedback wizard. If you are multi-location, use the drop-down box above the tabs to select an individual location or select All Locations to see an aggregate of feedback.

You can filter this view as follows:


Overall Rating

This represents an aggregate of all initial experience star ratings and provides associated comments for the selected time range.

Filter By

Click on one or more Star ratings to limit Experience Feedback. For example, you might wish to only see 5-star and 1-star reviews. Your selection here will not filter results under the Item Feedback tab.

Sort By

Select one of the sorting options. You can additionally limit displayed reviews to only those with comments.


You can use the Search field to view feedback with key terms in the comments.

For example, searching on the term “confusing” reveals one item of feedback with the matching term.

Item Feedback

Item Feedback gives you deeper insight into your menu items. Ratings indicate the percentage of diners that selected Thumbs up for the menu item. In the pictured example, we can see 75% of diners who rated the chicken wings rated it with a Thumbs Up. If you see a menu item (for example, Bruschetta) with a # of Ratings of 1 or greater and 0%, this indicates the diner rated the item but no diner gave it a Thumbs Up. This would be a very poorly rated item. In contrast, an item (for example, Strawberry Sundae) with a # of Ratings 0 and 0% indicates the item was part of an order but no one has yet rated the item.

You can filter this view as follows:


Sort By

Select one of the sorting options. You can additionally limit displayed reviews to only those with comments.


Use the control on the right to filter item feedback information based on your desired time range.


You can use the search field to narrow the results to menu items that match a term you put in the search field.

For example, if you just want to see how your Fish and Chips menu item is doing, search on “fish”.

Menu Item Drill Down

You can click on any menu item in Item Feedback and see specific feedback about that item.

For example, we notice the Bruschetta item has been ordered three times today but has not received a single Thumbs Up. Click through to its drill-down page, we can possibly get a better picture from diner comments. Similar to previous pages, we can filter by review rating (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down) as well as only display menu items that had comments.

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