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What’s New in TouchBistro 9.1

TouchBistro Gift Cards

Ipad screenshot

TouchBistro now supports its own standalone gift card payment system.

Enable on Cloud

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Once signed up you can enable TouchBistro Gift Cards via you cloud portal. Click Partners | TouchBistro Gift Cards. It is available for venues in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The UK will be supported in an upcoming release.

Input your username and password. These are supplied by the eCard system. Note your TouchBistro cloud username is different from your eCard portal username credentials.

New Printer Features

Printer Auto Detect

TouchBistro now automatically detects all your printers on your TouchBistro network. If you add a new printer, you no longer have to get the IP address of the printer.

Ipad screenshot

After you’ve plugged connected your new printer to your TouchBistro network, tap Add Printer.

Ipad screenshot

Select the found printer. If you have multiple printers of the same type (for example, multiple TSP143L thermal printers) and you’re not sure which is which, select one and tap Print Test Page. Click Next to select that printer.

Ipad screenshot

Give it a name. TouchBistro will now provide suggested names.

If you are using Star LAN printers, you will still have to program your printer’s static IP. If your printer remains in DHCP mode, the dynamically assigned IP may change in the event you power off/on your router and devices. TouchBistro will not auto detect the new dynamically assigned IP.

If you are using Epson printers, you will have to use the Epson app to program you static IP before auto detecting your new Epson printer.

Printer Errors

Ipad screenshot

Your Printers page will now report common printer errors. If one of your printers seems not to be printing, return to this page and you will see any error detected by TouchBistro. Errors include problems like the printer cover is open, the printer is out of paper, the printer is experiencing a paper jam. As well, if you have a cash drawer connected to the printer, the Printers page will report if the cash drawer is already open when you try to open it via TouchBistro.

Pro Server Updating

Can Launch and Updated TouchBistro

We’ve added new functionality to the Staff Type permission Can Launch TouchBistro.

Ipad screenshot

We’ve also renamed the permission to Can Launch and Updated TouchBistro to reflect the added functionality.

If enabled, anyone with this manager permission enabled will be able to, from their iPad, push an update to the Pro Server on the Mac computer. Previous to 9.1, any staff type had this permission.

Cloud Portal


Ipad screenshot

When you log into your Cloud Portal, you are no longer taken to your Dashboard page.

Ipad screenshot

To access one of your dashboards, click Reports | Dashboards and then select either your Sales Dashboard or your Weekly Targets dashboard.

MarginEdge Integration

Ipad screenshot

You can now enable TouchBistro’s integration with MarginEdge from your Cloud Portal. This integration automates the flow of your daily sales data directly into your accounting software (Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Xero, and others).

To enable the integration on the TouchBistro side, click Partners and then click MarginEdge.

Ipad screenshot

Click Open Configuration and enable the integration.

Ipad screenshot

The CloudPortal will display your Venue ID. Copy that. Your MarginEdge application will require it to complete the integration. Click Save when you’ve copied it.

Customer Support

Our help site offers helpful guides, videos, step-by-step tutorials, live workshops, and more, for all TouchBistro products. If you can't find what you're looking for, our customer support team is available to you any time, day or night. And yes, even holidays and weekends!

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