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What’s New in TouchBistro 8.6?

Online Ordering with Checkmate

TouchBistro now integrates with the online ordering aggregator Checkmate. Checkmate helps aggregate orders from various online ordering platforms (Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, Ritual, and many more).

When integrated with TouchBistro, orders from your online ordering platforms will be automatically posted to your TouchBistro Online Orders tab (available from Orders). You can manage them from this screen.

The Checkmate integration is currently available for only venues in the USA and Canada. If you are interested in adding Online Ordering, each out to our sales team to get started.

TB Payments

Multi iPad and Multi Terminal Support

TB Payments now supports using your 457c payment device with multiple iPads. With the release of 8.6, you can now plug your 457c payment device into any iPad connected to your Pro Server setup. For example, if your 457c payment device is connected to your iPad Mini, you can remove it and insert it into the audio jack of your iPad 9.7 at the counter.

Likewise, you can use more than one 457c payment device with your Pro Server setup. For example, if you have three iPads at your venue, you can have a 457c payment device connected to each.


You cannot currently use the store and forward (offline) payment option with a multi iPad setup. However, we are working on adding this functionality in a future update.

Since the 457c payment device requires an audio jack, it is not compatible with the latest generation of iPad Pro recently released by Apple. These iPads lack an audio jack. Ensure your iPad has an audio jack.

Sign on Screen and Tipping

If you prefer to have customers sign on the screen and enter a tip via the iPad, you can now enable this functionality for TB Payments.

Access Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways. Set Default Card Swipe Action to Sign on Screen. You do not have to disable the Include Tipline option.

When enabled, the customer will be prompted to sign on the screen.

TouchBistro will also offer the customer tip suggestions. These are set under Admin | Admin Settings | Bill & Chit | Bills/Guest Checks.

Sales Totals Report Now Reports Gross Sales

The Sales Total iPad report (which appears on your End of Day) now breaks your sales out into Gross Sales (sales before taxes and before discounts) and Net Sales (before taxes but after discounts).

Additional Search Functionality on the Closed Bills Screen

Expanded Search

To help you find bills in the Closed Bills screen that need to have their pre-auths completed or payments refunded, you can now enter the bill’s authorization number or the last four digits of the credit card number in the search field and find any bills that match the entered number pattern.

Pre-Auths Display Authorization and Credit Card Details

To further aid you in matching credit card receipts with tips written on the slip and the closed bill that needs to have the tip reconciled, we now display the authorization details found on the credit card slip and the guest check. That is the credit card type used, the last four digits of the credit card. This information is only displayed on closed bills that need the pre-auth completed.

Option Name Changes

“Change Waiter” is now “Change Staff”

Options that allowed you to change a check’s server or transfer a table to a different server now use the term “Staff” instead of “Waiter”.

Gratuity Screen’s “Back” Option is Now “Menu”

If you’re on the Gratuity screen, you can now return to the Menu screen by tapping Menu. Previously this option was Back.

Kitchen Display System New Look

There’s a new version (2.0) of the Kitchen Display System (KDS) app available for update on the Apple App store. Note: Your iPad will need to be on iOS9 or greater to update to the new KDS 2.0 version.

We’ve improved the look and feel of the KDS. Several of the visual cues have been modified:

1.   Ticket age colors have been adjusted. Red tickets are now a red/orange. Tickets in a yellow status are now yellow. Previously they were an olive shade.

2.   Ticket icons in the ticket scroller now display the sent time with a white background, providing better visual contrast.

3.   Course Banners are now a darker shade.

4.   KDS now uses the more commonly used “ticket” term instead of “chit”.

5.   Void tickets are no longer shaded with red. The Void ticket’s header is black.

6.   We’ve changed the new ticket “ping” alert to a bell sound (link opens sound file).

Customize Background Color

Under KDS’s Settings screen, you can now customize the ticket window’s background color. If you find the default background does not provide enough contrasts, tap Background Color and try an alternate color.

New Application Icon

When you update the KDS, the app will use the new KDS icon.

Cloud Reporting

Staff Performance Report

After the release of 8.6, we’ll be adding a Staff Performance Report to cloud. The Staff Performance Report helps you identify top performing servers and underperforming servers based on metrics like table turn times, bill spend, errors (voids), and tips.

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