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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.4?

Loyalty with ReUp

TouchBistro now integrates with the ReUp. ReUp is a loyalty/digital wallet system you brand for your venue. Customers can be given QR-Code based loyalty cards or download and use an iOS/Android app.

Customers can use the loyalty card and/or the app to pay for purchases, check in, and collect points. Customers can then redeem points for discounted food/beverage items.

ReUp is available in Canada and the USA.

Set Up

After you’ve set up your account with ReUp, you can enter your account details in TouchBistro and enable it.

Tap Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways. Tap ReUp to select it as a digital wallet.

Tap Setup and then enter your ReUp details.

At the bottom of the Payment Gateways screen, we’ve also added an Admin option to manage ReUp cards and accounts.

Using ReUp

When ReUp is enabled, you can use the ReUp payment option from the checkout screen to accept payments, check customers in, manage cards, and redeem rewards.

Scanning QR Codes

ReUp uses a QR code system (either on the back of the loyalty cards or generated on the ReUp app screen) to authorize loyalty cards, verify payment, verify check-ins, and process reward redemption.

You can use:

1.   The iPad’s built-in camera (front or back)

2.   A Socket CHS 7Qi Bluetooth scanner.

Note: if you have a CHS 7Ci barcode scanner for scanning UPC barcodes, the CHS 7Ci scanner cannot read QR codes.

Enable Discounting on your Guest Check

If you are going to offer free items when customers redeem points, you will want to ensure your guest checks can display 100% discounted item.

To do this accessing Admin | Admin Settings | Bill & Chit. Tap Bills / Guest Checks.

Scroll down on the left. If Show Each Item’s Discount and Print 100% Discounted Items are not enabled, tap each to enable them. Tap Done to save the changes.

Ingredient Inventory System

We’ve made two important changes to the Ingredient Inventory System:

1.   You can set up Recipe Measures.

2.   You can give Staff Types access to the Stocking & Tracking screen to update inventory counts

Recipe Measures

Previously, your menu item recipe measures had to be manually converted to your inventory “intake” measure. For example, you purchase and stock salad dressing by the gallon but your salads use salad dressing by the tablespoon. In previous versions you would set your menu item recipes to use fractions of your stock measure. So, for example, a salad needed to be set to consume .004 gallons of Italian Dressing instead of 1 tablespoon.

In 7.4, you can now define your stock measure and then define available recipe measures and the conversion.

For example, we buy Italian salad dressing in bulk, in 5 gallon jugs, so we can set gallons as the Purchase Measure. However, our recipes at the menu item level may consume Italian salad dressing by the teaspoon, the tablespoon, or by the cup.

To set up available recipe measures, tap Recipe Measures.

Tap the Add + icon at the top right to create a Recipe Measure.

Tap Recipe Measure to select an available measure for your menu items. For example, select Teaspoon.

Finally, tap Conversion Ratio to set up how many of the Recipe Measure units are contained in the Purchase Measure unit. For example, enter how many teaspoons are in a gallon.

There are many website that can help you calculate this conversion.

For example, there are 768 teaspoons in a gallon.

Or 16 cups in a gallon.

Repeat for other possible recipe measures (tablespoons, ounces, etc.).

Note: Unlike previous version, you cannot use Purchase Measure as a Recipe Measure. You need to have at least one Recipe Measure.

When you set up ingredient consumption for your menu items and select the inventoried ingredient, you can then select the appropriate recipe measure for this menu item.

Enter how many teaspoons, for example, this menu item consumes.

If another menu item calls for a cup of dressing, you can select your Cups recipe measure.

For example, we use a quarter cup of dressing to make our bacon panini menu item.

Existing Ingredient Inventory/Menu Item Recipes

If you have already set up your menu item recipes to use fractional amounts of your purchase measures, you do not have to convert them. You can, if you wish, on a go-forward basis set up recipe measures but TouchBistro will preserve the accuracy.

Ingredient Activity Log

On the Stocking & Tracking screen we’ve added an ingredient Activity Log. Tap the Information icon associated with the ingredient to see a log of purchases and adjustments.

The log displays changes to the inventory by purchase measure and the date the change was made. This log cannot be printed or exported.

New Inventory Purchase/Adjustment Method

We’ve changed the dialog box that lets you add more stock to inventory (a purchase) or correct your inventory count (an adjustment).

From the Stocking & Tracking screen (Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Ingredients | Ingredient Inventory) tap the inventory item you wish to add stock to or adjust.

The new Update Ingredient Count dialog box appears.

It defaults to Purchase and will always use the purchase measure you set for the ingredient. If you’re adding new stock, simply enter the quantity and tap Save.

If you’re adjusting the inventory count (for example, you’re correcting a mistake), tap Choose Action and then tap Adjust.

You now have to select a Measurement. The new Update Ingredient Count dialog box allows you to adjust by either your Purchase Measure or a Recipe Measure.

In most circumstances, you’ll adjust using your Purchase Measure (for example, your stock count reveals you don’t have 5 gallons but 4.75 gallons of Italian Dressing). However, there may be circumstances where you want to adjust by a more accurate Recipe Measure. For example, it’s easier to enter you only have three cups of salad dressing left in stock versus trying to figure out you have 0.187 of a gallon left.

Just remember, the adjustment figure reflects the real amount or number in stock (you thought you had 5 gallons but you actually only have 4.75 gallons after a physical stock count). It is not an upward or downward correction (you’re trying to bump your 5 gallon stock down by 3 cups).

Giving Non Admin Staff Types Access to Inventory Management

In previous versions of TouchBistro, only the administrator could manage the inventory (that is, add stock or modify stock counts). In 7.4, you can give non-Admin staff types access to the Stocking & Tracking screen.

To do this access your Staff Types screen (Admin | Admin Settings | Staff | Staff Types). Open a staff types (for example a manager staff type or a chef staff type) and scroll to the bottom of the Manager Permissions section.

Enable Can Manage Purchase. Tap Done/Save to save the change.

Any staff member logged in with a staff type that has it option enabled can access the Stocking & Tracking screen to add/adjust an ingredient’s stock.

Tap Options | Inventory Purchases.

Note: this feature will not be enabled for existing Manager staff types in the conversion to 7.4. If you would like your existing Manager staff types to have access to the Stocking & Tracking screen you will need to enable it.

Bar Inventory Integrations

TouchBistro connects with BarVision’s “point of pour” real-time analytics system.

If you have the BarVision system, you can start sending TouchBistro sales data by accessing your TouchBistro cloud reporting account.

Tap Partners across the top menu bar and then BarVision on the side menu bar. Finally tap Enable.

TouchBistro will generate a Restaurant ID. You can tap Disable if you need to terminate sending TouchBistro data to BarVision.

Payment Integrations

Refund Sale Now Refunds Tip

When you perform an integrated refund using the Refund Sale option, TouchBistro will now refund both the purchase amount and any tip charged to the card.

In other words, TouchBistro now refunds the full amount charged to the card, not the pre-tip Total portion.


Although TouchBistro will refund the tip, it will not remove the refunded credit card tip from the server’s Credit Card Tips Report or the end of day Credit Card Tips Report.

Typically, a refund may be due to circumstance beyond the server’s control and the server may have still fairly earned his/her tip. If the refund was due to server error and you have a policy that claws back refunded tips, you will need to make a paper note.

More Integrated Refund Support

All integrated payment refunds can be closed to using an integrated refund option.

Most require the credit card authorization number that was printed on the closed guest check or the credit card slip (merchant or customer copy) to complete the integrated refund.

If required, you will be prompted after tapping the Integrated Refund option.

Cayan MX925 Support (USA)

We now support the Cayan MX925 counter-top Genius payment device.

New Cloud Features

We’ve added a new Weekly Target dashboard. Click Dashboards | Weekly Targets.

The Weekly Target dashboard will tell you how close you are in terms of sales and number of customers to reaching your goals. Click the Edit button to adjust your targets.

Click the Calendar control on the top right to set the start of your current week. For example, it is Wednesday October 25. You are curious how close you are to your October 22 (Sunday) – Oct 28 (Saturday) targets. Click the start of your week and then click Apply.

The Weekly Targets dashboard also provides a number of key performance metrics, both venue wide and server specific.

By Server:

  •     Average Dining Duration
  •     Average Spend (bill total)
  •     Discounts & Voids
  •     Tips


  •     Upsells by Modifier
  •     Average spend by time of day (heat map)
  •     Customers by Section
  •     Sales by Category
  •     Labor Costs by Day

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