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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.4.4

Moneris (Canada): New Deadline for Users of the iPP320 V2 Payment Terminal

Moneris has pushed back the deadline to switch over to the iPP320 Version 11 terminal to May 1. After May 1, 2018, Moneris will no longer support the older iPP320 V2 Payment Terminal model. To determine which model you are using, power cycle your iPP320. To do this press down the yellow Correction key and while holding down the Correction key, press the Punctuation key. Hold down both together. The iPP320 will reboot.

When you see the Version Information screen, note the numbers after the U-. If you see U-02, you are using the older V2 and you must update to the V11 model.

If You Have V2

To update, email or call TouchBistro at 1-888-342-0131. Select option 8. TouchBistro will request a new terminal on your behalf. You will need to supply TouchBistro with the following information in your email or during the phone call:

* Business name (as registered with Moneris)

* Contact name

* Address

* Phone number

* Email

* ID (Terminal ID), MID (Merchant ID), or ECR

* Total number of IPP320 Terminals

* Are you using integrated gift cards (e-Select Plus)?

More Coursing Improvements

TouchBistro 7.4.4 builds on coursing improvements introduced in version 7.4.3.


If you do not wish to send an entire order at once to the kitchen or you wish to modify some course orders, the Coursing screen allows you to do this.

The Coursing screen can be accessed from the Order screen by tapping the Coursing icon. Coursing cannot be done from a cash register or order screen.

Send/Fire/Pickup by Individual Menu Item

In previous versions, you could send menu items to the kitchen printer all at once or by course. Likewise, you could issue Fire, Pickup and Resend tickets for all courses or by course. You can now send Send, Fire, Pickup, or Resend tickets to the kitchen printer for individual menu items.

Simply tap on a menu item (for example Vegetarian Burger) and then tap the available option. If this item had already been sent to the kitchen printer, Send and Hold will be unavailable.

Hold Option

Sometimes you need to flag an ordered item or even a whole course as “hold” before sending the rest of the order to the kitchen as a ticket. For example, a diner has ordered for another person at the table who is currently not there. You want to send all the other orders but you don’t want to put in this order officially until the person has returned to his/her seat and confirmed.

You can use the new Hold options on the Coursing screen to send a hold ticket to the kitchen.

For example, Seat 2 ordered ahead for Seat 3, who had not yet arrived. You could tap on Seat 3’s menu items (for example, the Chicken Panini and Thai Wraps) and then tap Hold.

TouchBistro would send separate Hold tickets for these items to the kitchen.

You can then send the items ordered by the other seats with the Send icon.

Hold by Course

If you want to send a Hold ticket for a whole course, tap the Hold option icon across the top.


In previous versions, the customer guest check used “Reup”. Customers typically would not know Reup referred to the company powering the loyalty program. We’re now using the generic term “Loyalty” on the guest check.

Customer Support

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