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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.4.1?

TouchBistro 7.4.1 adds the ability to access loyalty functions if the customer does not have a card. You can also add a ReUp quick pay button to your register.

Kitchen tickets can now have a large table number banner print in addition to the party name banner. You can set the consolidation to print at the top/bottom of the ticket. As well, the consolidation can be separated by course.

These release notes also cover changes to cloud reporting since the release of 7.4.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements.

Loyalty with ReUp

Logging Check-Ins and Redeeming Rewards Without a Loyalty Card

If a customer registered his or her loyalty card using a phone number but forgot to bring his/her registered loyalty card, you can now allow check-ins or a reward redemptions with the phone number used to register the card.

After initiating the ReUp card scan from the Checkout screen, tap the new Search by Phone option.

Tap Existing, enter the phone number (area code + seven-digit local number with no spaces/dashes/dots) used to register the card, and then tap Search.

Tap either Check In to award points to this customer or tap Redeem Reward and use an available reward.

Note: Use Credit and Add Credit are unavailable if the customer only supplies his/her phone number. If the customer wishes to use stored value or add credit, the loyalty card must be present and scanned in.

Default to Manual Search

If you would like TouchBistro to always default to the phone number search screen (instead of the camera screen), you can now set up this up under payment gateways.

Tap ReUp’s Setup option under Digital Wallets (Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways).

Tap Custom and then tap Manual Search. Tap Save.

If phone search is the default, you can always switch back to camera mode by tapping Camera.

Register New Loyalty Users by Phone, without a Card

You can quickly register customers using their phone number for the loyalty program.

After initiating the ReUp card scan from the Checkout screen, tap the new Search by Phone option.

Tap New, enter the customer’s mobile phone number, and tap Create Account.

The customer will get a text message prompting for account verification. Once verified, the customer can start collecting reward points by simply supplying his/her phone number.

If the customer acquires a loyalty card, you can later use the Account Options | Replace Card option to transfer points to the loyalty card.

See Upcoming Rewards

In 7.4, ReUp’s Redeem Reward screen only showed rewards if the reward item was ordered and the customer had sufficient points.

Now if you tap Redeem Reward, TouchBistro will display qualified and ordered rewards in bold alongside all other possible rewards.

You can use this functionality to let your customers know the rewards they’re currently qualified for as well as rewards they’re not yet eligible to redeem.

In the pictured example above, you might let the customer know after redeeming the Burrito reward, he or she has enough points left to qualify for a Nacho and Soft Drink reward. You could also let the customer know how many points he/she is away from a free pizza.

Card Balances on Receipt

TouchBistro now prints account details (registered name, balances, reward points earned) at the bottom of the guest check.

Loyalty Quick Pay Button

You can now add a Loyalty button to your Quick Pay button pad. If tapped, the Loyalty button will launch the ReUp payment method. This means you no longer have to proceed to the Checkout screen to access ReUp.

To add this button, tap Admin | Admin Settings | Advanced. Scroll to the bottom and tap Change Register Buttons.

Tap an unused Quick Pay button like Smart 3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Loyalty.

Tap Done/Save.

Kitchen Ticket Changes

If a table has been given a party name but you would like both the party name and the original table number to appear at the top the kitchen ticket, you can now enable Include large table name.

You now have the option to display the consolidation at the top of the ticket, or at both the top and bottom of the ticket. As well, you can visually separate courses with the Consolidate by Course option.

Bill and Chit Layout Screens Now Full Screen

In previous version of TouchBistro, the Bill layout screen and the Chit (kitchen ticket) layout screens were overlays. They are now displayed full screen.

Animations Default Off

New installs of the TouchBistro app will default the Enable Animations option (Admin | Admin Settings | Advanced) to disabled. For example, if you have a Pro (multi iPad ) setup and install TouchBistro on a new iPad, this option will be defaulted off. Enable Animations is a local setting will not change the setting on other iPads connected by the Pro server.

When enabled TouchBistro displays “sliding” transitions between screens. For example, when you tap your register on floorplan, the Register screen will slide in from the right. If you disable this option, TouchBistro will immediately jump to the Register screen.

If you are finding animations are slowing you down, we suggest disabling this option on all your iPads.

Cloud Reporting Changes

We’ve made a number of smart changes since the release of 7.4.

Gross Margin by Day

The Gross Margin by Day report (Reports | Revenue Gross | Margin by Day) now separates out voids. Voids are separated from Discounts. Void values no longer factor into Gross Sales, Discounts, or Net Sales calculations.

Sales by Sales Category

We’ve added a new Sales by Sales Category report (Reports | Sales | Sales by Sales Category). This report gives you a summary of sales for your Sales Categories (e.g., Food, Alcohol, Merchandise). This report will also break out Voids by Sales Category. Void values do not factor into sales figures and the Menu Item Quantity figure.

Discounts and Voids

We’ve added a new report category called Discounts and Voids. These reports can help you better understand promotional costs (discounts) as well as waste (voids).


The Summary report gives you an overview of the kinds of voids and discounts issued and the total dollar amounts of those voids and discounts. If a discount was partial (it was not a 100% discount), this report will indicate how much in sales was netted after the discount. Voids are always treated as $0 net sales.

Sales Category Summary

The Sales Category Summary gives you an overview of voids and discounts by Sales Category (e.g., Food, Alcohol, Merchandise). You can use this report to quickly see which Sales Category is discounted and voided the most.

If a discount was partial (it was not a 100% discount), this report will indicate how much in sales was netted after the discount. Voids are always treated as $0 net sales.

Menu Item Summary

The Menu Item Summary gives you an overview of voids and discounts by individual Menu Item. You can use this report to quickly see which menu item was discounted or voided the most for the given time range.

If a discount was partial (it was not a 100% discount), this report will indicate how much in sales was netted after the discount. Voids are always treated as $0 net sales.

Sub Type Summary

The Sub Type Summary gives you a quick way to see which of your discounts are partial and which discounts are full (100%). Voids are always treated as 100%.

Staff Reports

We’ve made some changes to tip reporting.

Payments & Tips

We now include columns that report on total taxes collected, auto grats (if set to be treated separately from tips), and credit card tips clawed back by the house (either for a tip out or to claw back merchant fees incurred from credit card tips).

Tips by Payment Method

This new report breaks down staff tips by payment methods.


We’ve added two new Audit reports and updated the Payments report.


Cash tips reported at shift end and credit card tips clawed back by the house are now included in this report.

Bills with Outstanding Balances

The new Bills with Open Balances Report will report on any bills that were closed but later their integrated credit card payment was voided. If your payment integration gives you a void payment option, this report is a good reminder of which bills have had their payments voided. In addition, you can cross check if the error that necessitated the void has been corrected. This report will not show bills that have had full/partial refunds or refunded using the Refund Sale option.

Payment Details

The new Payment Details report lists each bill for the given time period and details about the payment.

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