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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.3.1

What’s New in TouchBistro 7.3.1


TouchBistro 7.3.1 now supports TouchBistro’s new Kiosk self-ordering app. TouchBistro has made improvement to the Moneris iPP320 setup and work flow. We also now support the Cayan Genius handheld payment device.

Cloud reporting now uses an email white-listing system for report recipients.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements to the cloud reporting site.

Need More Help?

Email if you are experiencing any issues with this update.

TouchBistro Supports the Updated Moneris iPP320 v11 PINpad

TouchBistro now supports the new iPP320 v11 (version 11). The iPP320 v11 has some new features and a different payment workflow.

Updating to iPP320 v11

To take advantage of these changes, you need new iPP320 PINpads. Please contact your Moneris representative to find out how to get the new devices.

New Features

Offline Payments

You can take payments offline using TouchBistro’s Store and Forward option.

For each card type, you can set a dollar amount transaction maximum. For example, any offline Amex payment over $50 will not be rejected for offline payment. However, you will accept any VISA offline payment up to $100.

You can also limit the number of offline transaction as well. The default maximum is 550. If you tap Maximum Transactions, you can set this lower. However, you can’t set it higher than 550. The

Payments taken offline get submitted under Admin | Payment Gateway Options. When you submit your offline payment, the Maximum Transaction limit gets reset.

Note: offline payments can still be reject after uploading them to Moneris. You will not get a warning about rejected payments. Rejected payments will be subject to a charge back. Ensure you use the Store and Forward setting to limit how much you are willing to risk taking payments offline. Alternatively, disable Store and Forward.


You can now accept a dollar value or percentage value tip.

Tap payments now prompt for a tip.

Differences Between the Original iPP320 and v11

You no longer need to configure eSelect Plus to process gift cards with the iPP320 v11. Your v11 terminal is assigned a unique gift card ECR.

We’ve removed the TouchBistro name from the iPP320 display at the end of the payment work flow.

Gift card management is still initiated via TouchBistro but balances are now checked and added via the iPP320.

Manual card entry is initiated via TouchBistro. Now, tap the Information icon associated with the Payment Terminal option and select the terminal you wish to use for a manual card entry.

Cayan Genius Handheld (USA)

The Cayan Genius Handheld device is an Android-based mobile EMV card reader. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your router. The Genius Handheld device can support multiple iPads.

Set up is similar to the counter-top Genius device. Enable Cayan and tap its Setup option.

You will find a new Device Type option.

Tap it to select whether you are using the counter-top Genius device (the MX 915) or the Genius Handheld device.


This device is not compatible with Cayan if you’re using Cayan as a gateway to another processor (for example, WorldPay or Heartland).

Add a Business Number to Your Restaurant Profile and Receipt

We’ve added a Business Number field to the Restaurant screen. If you’re required to display your business number on your guest checks/receipts, enter the number here.

When you print your receipts, the business number will get printed in the address header area of the receipt.

Bypass the Details Screen on Takeout/Delivery Order

In previous versions of TouchBistro, you had to complete a details screen before being able to proceed to the order screen.

However, now you can tap Done on a blank details screen to move quickly to the order screen.

If left blank, TouchBistro will give the order’s party name field a number. This number increases by one for each blank order screen.

Reopen Bill as Tab Option Available to Admin User Only

The Reopen Bill as Tab option should only be used to remove your test transactions. Hence, we’ve removed access to it for any account that’s not the Admin account.

If you need to refund a bill, you should use the Refund Sale option.

TouchBistro Kiosk Now Available in the App Store

TouchBistro 7.3.1 now supports TouchBistro’s new TouchBistro Kiosk, a self-ordering app.

TouchBistro Kiosk is an new TouchBistro app that lets you set up a self-ordering station. Customers can select their TouchBistro menu items. After completing their order, they can send the order. They can either pay at the kiosk station using the Vantiv iPP350 integration or opt to pay with cash at the counter.


1.   TouchBistro Kiosks is currently available for customers in the USA.

2.   TouchBistro Kiosk is only available for customers running TouchBistro Server (multi iPad solution).

3.   TouchBistro Kiosk only supports Vantiv for integrated payment processing.

White Listing Report Recipient Email Accounts in Cloud Reporting

TouchBistro’s cloud reporting now lets you create white lists of recipients who can opt in to your Generated Reports. This helps prevent reports being mistakenly sent to the unintended due to typos.

Setting Up and Managing Your Recipients

Under the Custom report menu header, we’ve added a Recipients option.

In the Enter a new email field, enter an email of a recipient you want to request an opt in response. Click Add.

After clicking Add, TouchBistro will send the recipient an opt in request and add the email to the white list as inactive.

If the recipient reports not getting the email you can click Resend to resend the opt-in request.

The recipient will get an opt-in request and needs to click the Click here to confirm link to active their membership on the white list.

Once the recipient confirms, Cloud will make their status active. You can remove the white listed member at any time by clicking the next to his/her email address.

Using Your White List

Set up a generated report and click on the Add Authorized e-mail addresses field. TouchBistro will present you with all active emails from your white list as options for inclusion. Only emails on the white list will be available for adding to this field. You cannot manually add non white-listed emails.

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