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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.2.5

What’s New in TouchBistro 7.2.5

TouchBistro 7.2.5 now gives you greater control over your tip suggestions. For iZettle users, 7.2.5 integrates with the iZettle Reader.

Recent updates to Cloud Reporting are documented in these release notes.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes.

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Email if you are experiencing any issues with this update.

New Support Number

As of November 14th, TouchBistro has a new support number: 1-888-342-0131. International callers can use 1-647-925-4154. Please update your phone directories as necessary.

Pre-Discount Tip Suggestion Setting

When customizing your tip suggestions on your bill/guest check (Admin | Admin Settings | Bill & Chit | Bills / Guest Checks), you have the option to set how TouchBistro calculates the dollar amount based on the suggested tip percentages. Previously you could set it to calculate the dollar amount based on the pre-tax bill total or the post-tax bill total.

In 7.2.5 we now give you the option to set it to calculate the suggested dollar tip based on the pre-tax total before any discounts are applied. You might use this if your venue makes heavy use of discounts and servers are experiencing a noticeable decline in their tips.

iZettle Reader Now Supported

TouchBistro now supports the iZettle Reader.

Similar to the iZettle Card Reader Pro and Card Reader Pro Contactless, TouchBistro communicates with the iZettle Reader over a Bluetooth connection.

If you currently use the older iZettle Card Reader Pro and Card Reader Pro Contactless, TouchBistro will continue to support these devices.


If you used a gift card in full and the bill still has an outstanding balance, you will now be automatically prompted for a second payment method to cover remaining balance.


Generate and Download Reports

Under the Other section, we’ve added a report builder called Generate Reports. You can create a batch of cloud reports for a given time range and then have them emailed as a CSV file to the email address you used to register TouchBistro. Alternatively, you can specify a new email in the Email field. You can add additional emails by separating them with a comma. For example,,,

View Reports for a Specific Day or Week

Some reports in previous version of Cloud only allowed you to view details for a specific day. We’ve added a button that now gives you the option to toggle between viewing the report for the selected day or the week starting with a selected day.

In other words, if you want to view the report for a full week, use the calendar to select the first day of the week and then click Show Week. You

The Day/Week option is available on the following reports:

1. Dashboard

2. Drill Down Report

3. Payments & Tips

4. Menu Item Sales

5. Tax Summary

6. Bills

Notification Center

We’ve added a new Notification Center. You can access it by accessing the options menu and click Notifications.

TouchBistro will use the Notification Center to alert you to important issues like outages and product updates.

Closed Captions on Help Videos

We’ve added a closed caption feature to our setup and training videos for the benefit of the hearing impaired. You can click on the CC icon on the video control and select English captions.


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