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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.2.2


In TouchBistro 7.2.2 we’ve fixed some issues that developed since the release of 7.2.1. We also now support the iOS-certified Socket CHS 7CI portable barcode scanner.

We have added new reports to the cloud reporting site as well as now provide a CSV export of most cloud reports.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements to the cloud reporting site.

Barcode Scanner Support

TouchBistro now supports the Socket brand mobile Barcode scanner. TouchBistro supports the CHS 7Ci model that is iOS certified.

It’s important to follow the iOS pairing instructions in the guide. You need to scan a Barcode in the guide that puts it in iOS mode before pairing the device.

Once paired, you can associate your menu items with barcodes and scan them using the scanner.

Entering Barcodes

Access menu items you want to associate with Barcodes (Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Menu Items).

If your scanner is properly paired, the Scan Barcode Code button will report a Bluetooth scanner is detected. You do not have to tap Scan Barcode Code. Simply point the scanner at a barcode and press the scanner’s trigger.

When recognized, TouchBistro reads the barcode’s UPC number and completes the UPC field in TouchBistro.

If you need to delete the barcode, simply tap on the UPC field and backspace over the UPC number to delete it. You can then rescan the item.

Using Barcodes

Scanning barcodes with the mobile scanner can be done from the register, at a table, or in an order screen.

Point the scanner at the Barcode and push the trigger.

The menu item will automatically be entered into the order section.

In-App Purchases Removed

We’ve removed the option to extend your TouchBistro license via an in-app purchase. To extend your license please call 1-855-363-5252 ext. 2 or email

Mercury is now Vantiv

The Payment Gateways screen now reflects Mercury’s name change to Vantiv.

Cloud Reporting Site Changes

Back Data Availability

In our efforts to move the cloud reporting site out of beta status, we’ve removed restaurant data from the cloud site older than two months. This will not affect the restaurant data stored on your iPad or Pro Server. Continue to use your iPad reporting for the most complete and accurate reporting data.

Download Reports as CSV Files

Most reports now allow you to export the report data as a CSV file (which you can open in your spreadsheet software). The following reports support CSV export:

  •      Sales by Day
  •      Sales by Category
  •      Menu Item Sales
  •      Payments
  •      Sales by Section
  •      Order Type
  •      Shifts
  •      Discounts & Voids
  •      Tips
  •      Items
  •      Bills
  •      Tax Summary

Tips Report

The Tips report gives you a breakdown of all tips associated with non cash payments.

Tax Summary

The Tax report gives you details on taxes paid. If you have tax reductions set (tax is reduced for amounts below a certain amount), TouchBistro will also report on reduced taxes.

Settings Options

We’ve split settings into three different options:

1.   Help

2.   Settings

3.   Integrations


The Help page provides phone numbers and email addresses for TouchBistro support and integration partner support as well as account information those services may require. Pro Server users can also download the Pro Server software from this page.


Access this page to change your dashboard, service time, or password.


The Mexican tax reporting integration can be accessed here.


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