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Using Your Barclay Move/5000

Taking a Payment with the Move/5000 Terminal

1. From the Order screen tap either Checkout. Alternatively, to use the default Move/5000, tap Credit quick pay button.

2. Tap Payment Terminal to use the default Move/5000 terminal or tap the Information icon to switch to an alternative terminal.

3. Tap Charge In Full (or enter a lesser amount if the diner does not wish to put the full bill on the offered card).

4. TouchBistro will prompt you to complete the payment on the Move/5000 terminal.

5. If prompted for a Ref No. enter any required reference number or simply enter a 1.

6. Hand the terminal to the diner and have the diner tap, insert, or swipe his/her card.

7. Follow the directions on screen.

8. After successful payment on the Move/5000 terminal, close the order in TouchBistro.

Processing a Card Not Present Transaction

If you need to take a credit card order over the phone (for example, for a delivery/takeout order), you can use the Manual Entry option.

1. To process a card no present payment, tap Credit to process a payment with the Move/5000 terminal set to default or tap Checkout for additional options.

2. Tap Manual Entry or tap the Information to access additional terminals you may have set up.

3. Tap Pay in Full or enter a lesser amount and tap Charge if you only want to pay a portion of the bill with the offered card.

4. TouchBistro will connect with the Move/5000 terminal.

5. If prompted for a Ref No. enter any required reference number or simply enter a 1.

6. Input the card number.

7. Input the card’s expiry date in the form of mm/yy.

8. Input the three/four digit CSC on the back of the card.

9. Follow the terminal prompts to enter address information. Input the street number portion of the customer’s address. For example, if the address is 201 Hill St, enter 201. Enter the number portion of the postal code. For example, if the postal code is W1D 7ES, enter 17.

10. The transaction gets approved and a credit card receipt is printed.

11. Return to TouchBistro. You can print an itemized guest check and close the bill or simply close the bill without printing the itemized guest check.

Performing a Refund

1. Tap Orders.

2. Tap the Closed Bills tab and tap the bill you wish to refund. Tap More and tap Refund Sale.

3. Tap Full Refund.

4. Tap Payment Terminal Refund (if the card is available) or Manual Entry Refund if the card is not present.

5. Tap Charge In Full.

6. TouchBistro will prompt you to complete the refund on the Move/5000 terminal.

7. Have the customer insert his/her card (if the card is present) or enter the card number if the card is not present.

8. You will be prompted to input your supervisor code.

9. Follow the on-screen prompts.

10. On TouchBistro, tap Close Table.

11. TouchBistro moves the negative return invoice to the Closed Bills screen. The negative return invoice balances out sales for the day.

Performing a Refund for a Bill from a Previous Day

1. Tap Admin | Bill / Guest Check History.

2. Use the date/time wheels to set a search range based on the date/time the bill was paid. Tap Refresh.

3. Locate the bill in the search results and tap it.

4. Tap Refund Sale and follow the normal refunds steps.

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