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Using the Move/5000 with TouchBistro Online Ordering


If diners select the pay with credit card on pick up option, you should take payment with the Desk/5000. If you only have a Move/5000 you will need to make some adjustments to your device as well as follow a different workflow to close online orders.

Change Your iPay@Table Settings

1. Tap the Menu button at the top left.

2. Tap iPay@Table Setup.

3. Tap the down arrow next to Serial # Type and ensure it’s set to Use Injected S/N.

4. Tap the down arrow next to RMS Type and ensure it’s set to Type 1.

5. Tap the down arrow next to Demo Options and ensure  RMS Connection is disabled.

6. Tap the down arrow next to Font Size and ensure it’s set to Large.

7. Scroll down and ensure you set the following:



Refund Setup


Enabling RMS Polling


Table Name


Prompt Table


Prompt Check




8. Tap the << button at the top right to return to the Terminal screen.

Workflow to Close a Non-Prepaid Online Ordering Bill

1.  Customer comes in and wants to pay for the order.

2.  Locate the accepted order and tap Complete.

3.  Writes down the Order Number on a piece of paper so you don’t forget and tap < Back.

4.  Switch to the Move/5000.

5.  The server should enter his/her TouchBistro passcode and tap Enter.

6.  Enter the order by the Order Number that was just written down in the Table No. field.

7.  You will see the online order by the Order #. Select it.

8.  Follow the same steps for closing any other order with the device.

9.  Have the customer tap/swipe/insert his/her card.

10. If we were to look at the Online Orders tab, you will notice the integration does not auto-close the accepted order.  Neither does it change its UNPAID flag to PAID.

11. You should tap on that order and tap Complete.

12. Similar to an order paid online, the order will vanish. The server can verify payment by tapping Closed Bills.

13. We can now see the order is closed, paid, any tip left on the machine is reflected. In terms of reporting, payment reporting will file this as a “Visa” payment vs a TouchBistro Online Ordering payment.

Taking Other Payments

Your Move/5000 may not have been set up to prompt for Table #. To process online orders alongside usual orders (table orders, cash register orders), you will need to have this screen as part of your new workflow.

To close orders other than online orders simply enter a 0 in the Table No. field This indicates you want to display the index of all tables with bills. Tap Continue. You can also open a bill directly by entering the bill’s Order number.

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