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Troubleshooting Currency Symbol Issues in Cloud Reporting


If you are not seeing a £ symbol, ensure your iPad’s location is set to the United Kingdom.

1. Tap your iPad’s Settings icon.

2. Tap General, scroll down in the right frame, and tap Language & Region.

3. Tap Region.

4. A quick way to find the United Kingdom is start typing United Kingdom into the field that appears at the top of the Region list. Select United Kingdom and tap Done.

5. Tap Change To English UK in the Change Region dialog box.

6. You should force quit TouchBistro. Press the Home  button twice, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the App Switcher.

7. Swipe the TouchBistro app up to force close it.

8. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home  button.

9. Relaunch TouchBistro and passcode in.

10. Log out of your cloud portal.

11. Log back into your cloud portal.

Set Your Browser’s Language/Location

If you are seeing GBP instead of the £ symbol, you might have to set your browser for the United Kingdom. The method for setting depends on the browser.


1.  Access your Mac computer’s System Preferences and click Language & Region.

2.  Click Region.

3.  Select United Kingdom.

4.  Exit from System Preferences.


1.  In your Browser URL field enter chrome://settings (or select Chrome | Preferences from the menu bar).

2.  Scroll down to the Advanced section. Expand it. Then locate the Languages section. Click Add languages.

3.  Select English (United Kingdom) and click Add.

4.  Finally, sort English (United Kingdom) to the top to signify English (United Kingdom) as the region of preference.

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