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TouchBistro Loyalty – Promotions


A promotion consists of one or more specific rewards (each with a quantity and expiration date). Once created, these can be sent to a specific group of your existing loyalty users or linked to digital or print ads. Promotions can be used to send out a $10 Off discount to your VIP loyalty members or to send out monthly benefits for a subscription-based loyalty club. All promotions will be linked directly to guest spend and provide analytics on redemption, so you can easily track the ROI.

Before You Begin

You will need to create at least one reward under the Rewards tab before you can create a Promotion.

Using Promotions

1.  Login to your loyalty dashboard.

2.  Click Manage Loyalty.

3.  Click the Promotions tab.

Creating a New Promotion

1.  Click Create New Promotions.

2.  Complete the following:



Promotion Name

Give your promotion a descriptive name.

Reward(s) to Send

Select a reward from the drop-down box. Please note, rewards must first be created on the Rewards tab in order to appear in this drop-down box.

# Days To Expire From When Offer Is Received By Guest

Indicate how many days after the user receives the reward will it expire.

Quantity Per User

In the field, enter how many rewards will each user be sent.

For example, looking at the pictured example, the diner can claim two free desserts within the 5 days frame.

You can also check Unlimited. If checked, the customer can claim the reward an unlimited number of times within the expiry time frame. You might not want to use Unlimited with a reward that offers a 100% discount. However, you may want to use it for partial discount reward. For example, for five days after receiving the reward, the customer gets 10% off wine.


Click Add to add the actual reward you wish to offer with this promotion with the above expiry and quantity settings. You can click add again if you want to add the same reward two or more times.

If you adjust the Expiry and Quantity settings before you click Add again, the second (or additional) offer will be added with the new settings.

You might want to, say, offer a customer a 10% discount on an unlimited number of wine orders for the next five days but then offer three more 10% discount that can be used over the next 30 days.

Internal Notes

Enter any descriptive information or instructions as regards this promotion.


This should remain set to Yes. You will be able to edit this later to set this promotion to inactive if needed and will appear on the Inactive tab when viewing all promotions.

Working with Your Promotions

Promotions can be sent different groups of users from your Guest Reporting screen.

1.  Click Guest Reporting.

2.  If you wish, at this point, to send a promotion out to all customers, click Promotions & Communications.

3.  Normally, however, you might want to send promotions to a subset. You can create a filter of your results on the fly and then Promotions & Communications or click the Your Saved Filters tab and send it to a pre-set subset of your customers.

Sending Via a Saved Filter or Suggested Filter

1.  Click the Your Saved Filters (or Suggested Filters) tab.

2.  Click Promotions & Communications.

3.  Use the Campaign to Send drop-down box to select the desired promotion. Click Send Promotion to x Users to confirm.

4.  Click Email to pick an appropriate template. Ensure you’re already set up with SendGrid. If you’ve not already set up your email templates, you will need to follow the steps in this guide.

5.  Click Send Email to x Users when ready. You might want to double-check the number of users being sent this promotion before you click send. If the number seems unusually high or low, you should review your report’s filters.


1.  Login to your loyalty dashboard.

2.  Click Manage Loyalty.

3.  Click the Promotions tab.

4.  Click a promotion.

5.  Click the Promotion Reporting tab.

6.  You will basic stats including the number of promotions redeemed and the average check size with the redeemed offer.

Managing Promotions

From the reporting page you can manage the promotion post-launch.


You will also see a list of all customers sent the promotion. You can click edit to either remove the offer or force TouchBistro Loyalty to recognize the redemption (TouchBistro Loyalty will treat a forced redemption as a $0 check size).

Remove All Offers

You can click Remove All Offers to remove the offer from all displayed guests. Alternatively, you can filter on name/email/phone number and remove all offers from the filtered list.


If you want to view customers who have redeemed the offer or who let the offer expire, you can click the appropriate View button.

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