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TouchBistro Loyalty – Managing Spend Based Loyalty


TouchBistro Loyalty allows a restaurant to automatically award points to a guest based on how much they spend each visit. Points accumulate into one guest account across multiple restaurant locations within the same restaurant group. Guests can decide when they want to redeem a reward based on the restrictions you setup for each reward.

Managing Loyalty Programs

1.  Login to your loyalty dashboard.

2.  Click Manage Loyalty.

3.  Click the Loyalty Programs tab.

4.  You will see a list of existing loyalty programs for your restaurant group.

5.  To make changes to an existing loyalty program, click the Edit button associated with the loyalty program.

6.  To create a new loyalty program, click the Create New Program button.

Create a New Spend-Based Loyalty Program

1.  Click the Create New Program button.

2.  Complete the following:


Enter the name of the loyalty program, such as Happy Hour (guests will see this).


Select Spend Based.

Points Per Dollar

Enter the number of points that a guest will receive for each $1 they spend.

Active Program

Uncheck this box to make it inactive so guests can no longer receive points for this loyalty program. You can view Inactive blocks on the main Loyalty programs tab in the top right.

Available the entire day?

Check this box if you want your loyalty programs to be available at all times.

If unchecked, use the Start/End Time controls to set the hours when this loyalty program is active. The order must be opened within the start and end times. For example, if the loyalty program is valid between noon and 4 pm and the order is started at 11:55 AM, the diner will not qualify for the reward. If the order is started at 3:55 pm and the diner pays the bill at 6 pm, the diner will qualify for the reward.


A description can also be added to provide further information to the guest such as days & times this is available. This will appear on the Customer Web app.

Include website for more details

If you have a web page describing the loyalty program, include it here.

Active Days

Click Select All if you want this loyalty program to be available every day of the week.

Else, click the days it is available.


If you have more than location but want to offer this loyalty program at only some of your locations, click No.

3.  Click the Save button in the top right when finished.

4.  Reopen the loyalty program you just created by clicking the Edit button.

5.  If you have more than location but want to offer this loyalty program at only some of your locations, click Select Restaurant.

6.  Select all the restaurants you want to make this reward available to.

7.  Click Go Back to return to your Loyalty Program tab.

Viewing Your Inactive Loyalty Program

If you’ve made a loyalty program inactive, it has not been deleted from the system. Merely moved to the Inactive tab.

Click Inactive to view a list of offline rewards. If you want to reactivate a reward, simply click the Edit button associated with the reward you want to revive.

To reactivate, simply click the Active checkbox and then click Save.

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