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TouchBistro Loyalty – Managing Item-Based Based Loyalty


TouchBistro Loyalty allows a restaurant to create item-based loyalty clubs that automatically track a guest s progress based on the items on their check-in the POS system. Items accumulate into one guest card across multiple restaurant locations within the same restaurant group. You can decide whether the guest s card will be shown to them as a traditional punch card or as a list of the actual item s they’ve received credit for.

Before You Begin

Before you create an item-based loyalty program, you will need to create a Reward. For example, if you’re going to create a Buy 6 Coffees, Get the 7th Free loyalty program, you’ll need to create a Reward that gives a 100% discount on a coffee menu item.

Managing Loyalty Programs

1.  Login to your loyalty dashboard.

2.  Click Manage Loyalty.

3.  Click the Loyalty Programs tab.

4.  You will see a list of existing loyalty programs for your restaurant group.

5.  To make changes to an existing loyalty program, click the Edit button associated with the loyalty program.

6.  To create a new loyalty program, click the Create New Program button.

Create a New Item-Based Loyalty Program

1.  Click the Create New Program button.

2.  Complete the following:


Enter the name of the loyalty program, such as Happy Hour (guests will see this).


Select Item Based.

Active Program

Uncheck this box to make it inactive so guests can no longer receive points for this loyalty program. You can view Inactive blocks on the main Loyalty programs tab in the top right.

Number of Times Each Individual Item Can Be Claimed

This specifies how many times a guest can earn credit for the same menu item. For example, if this is a coffee club you’ll likely set this to Unlimited Items since I can get credit for the same coffee each visit. However, if the club is encouraging the guest to try different Wines or Burgers, you may set this to 1 so the guest will only get credit for the same item once and must order different items to receive credit.

Claim Limit Per Day for ALL Items

This is the maximum number of items a guest can receive credit for in a calendar day.

Auto Claim Applicable Menu Items?

Enable this.

Is This a Punch Card?

Check this box and the guest will see this as a punch card in their app. Do not check this box and the guest will be able to see a list of the specific items that they’ve ordered. Generally, a Buy x Get y Free club is set to a punch card. A beer, wine or spirits club would not be so guests can track which items they are ordering.

Singular Item Name

In a guest app, if a user has 1 item, enter what should the name be. For example, Beer, Pizza, Coffee.

Plural Item Name

In a guest app, if a user has more than 1 items, enter what should the name be. For example, Beers, Pizzas, Coffees.

Can this loyalty club be reset when it is completed?

This should be set to Automatically Reset.

Available the entire day?

Check this box if you want your loyalty programs to be available at all times.

If unchecked, use the Start/End Time controls to set the hours when this loyalty program is active. The order must be opened within the start and end times. For example, if the loyalty program is valid between noon and 4 pm and the order is started at 11:55 AM, the diner will not qualify for the reward. If the order is started at 3:55 pm and the diner pays the bill at 6 pm, the dinner will qualify for the reward.


A description (optional) can also be added to provide further information to the guest such as days & times this is available.

Include website for more details

If you have a web page describing the loyalty program, include it here.

Active Days

Click Select All if you want this loyalty program to be available every day of the week.

Else, click the days it is available.


If you have more than location but want to offer this loyalty program at only some of your locations, click No.

3.  Click the Save button when you’re finished.

4.  After saving, you can now set the following:

Select Menu Items

You can select which Categories and Menu Items will be part of an item-based loyalty program.

Select Reward Milestones

Item-based clubs can include one reward or multiple rewards that a guest earns as they participate in the club. For a Buy #, Get 1 Free you would create 1 milestone at whatever quantity of items a guest must order before receiving a free item. For a beer club, often restaurants offer multiple rewards as guests drink more beers while participating in the beer club. In that example, you would create multiple milestones.

Select Restaurants

If you have more than one location but want to offer this loyalty program at only some of your locations, click Select Restaurants.

Select all the restaurants you want to make this reward available to.

Select Icon

Select an icon that best represents the loyalty program.

5.  Click Save.

6.  Click Go Back to return to your Loyalty Program tab.

Viewing Your Inactive Loyalty Program

If you’ve made a loyalty program inactive, it has not been deleted from the system. Merely moved to the Inactive tab.

Click Inactive to view a list of offline rewards. If you want to reactivate a reward, simply click the Edit button associated with the reward you want to revive.

To reactivate, simply click the Active checkbox and then click Save.

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