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TouchBistro Loyalty – Guest Reporting


The Guest Reporting page of your TouchBistro Loyalty dashboard is where all of your users can be found. You can search for a specific guest, view activity, and apply filters to sort guests by many different parameters to identify a specific group of your users. This is also where you can send out PROMOTIONS and COMMUNICATIONS. Please note, the data (spend, visits, etc.) on the Guest Reporting page updates every six hours.

Note: If you intend to use email to communicate promotions, you will first need to set up a SendGrid account. See this guide here on how to set up the account and create customized templates for your emails.

Using Guest Reporting

1.  Login to your loyalty dashboard.

2.  Click Guest Reporting.

3.  There are 3 main tabs in Guest Reporting:



Create Filters + Guest Search

Here you will see all guests who have redeemed a reward or checked in.

Your Saved Filters

Here you will see any filters that you have created and saved.

TableUp Suggested Filters

Here you will see templates for commonly used filters across the restaurants we work with.

Using Create Filters + Guest Search

1.  When you click on the Create Filters + Guest Search tab, by default TouchBistro Loyalty will show you a year’s worth of guest activity.

2.  To search for a specific guest, click the Show Guest Search button. Select your search parameter from the dropdown (first name, last name, email, or phone number), enter the search term then click Submit.

3.  If your guest search results is long or did not return what you’re looking for, you can click on the Date Range drop-down box to expand or narrow the time range of the search. As well, you can click Advanced Filters to search on other parameters.

4.  You can click on a guest’s name to get details about that guest.

Create Filters

You can further narrow results by setting up a filter.

1.  Click on one or more of the column headers (e.g., Total Visits or Average Spent) and create a filter.

2.  For example, we can create a filter that looks for customers who have a larger number of visits, but lower average spends. These customers you might want to then send certain rewards to help them move up the value chain.

3.  As you add filters, you will see your active filters listed across the top of your screen. To quickly delete your set filters, click Reset All Filters.

4.  If this is a filtered report you want to run in future or use for promotional purposes, click Save Filters.

5.  If you save your filter, give your filter a name and click Save Filter.

Advanced Filters

You can further filer your results by clicking Advanced Filters.



Select Tags

If you’ve tagged customers (see below), you can filter your results based on customers that have one or more tags set for their account.

By Location

If you have more than one location, you can filter by one or more locations. If you have not logged into the loyalty dashboard with admin access, you will only be able to filter on your own venue.

By Loyalty Program

If you have item-baesd loyalty programs, you can filter for guest progress. For example, you might want to see how many guests you have that have started a “punch card” loyalty program but have not been active after getting one or two “punches”.

By Menu Item

You can filter based on customer purchase history. If you select multiple categories or multiple menu items, this will be treated as an “or” condition.

After selecting, you can further filter on how many of the menu items the customer has ordered. In the pictured example, the filter will return customers who have purchased at least one dessert item OR at least one drinks item.

Promotions, Exporting, and Tagging

To right you have three options for interacting with the returned results.

Promotions & Communication

If you have an existing promotion, you can send one to all of the customers returned by the search by clicking Promotions & Communication.


Click Export if you want to export this search as a CSV file.


If you want to tag all customers returned by these results, click Tag.

If you don’t see an appropriate tag, you can create one on the Manage Tags screen.

Your Saved Filters

Here you will see any filters that you have created and saved.

1.  If you want to run the search with the saved filter, click Run Filter.

2.  If you need to edit this filter, click Edit.

3.  If you want to quickly send a promotion without re-running the report, click Promotions & Communication.

Promotions & Communication

The Communicate With Guests screen will show you how many users this promotion will be sent to. If the number seems too high or too low, you might want to rerun and edit your filter. If you’ve not already set up your email templates, you will need to follow the steps in this guide.

TableUp Suggested Filters

The TableUp Suggested Filters tab has a number of “canned” filters create by TouchBistro:



Suggested Use

We Miss You

Identify guests who have historically been big spenders, but haven’t visited your restaurants recently.

Send them a generous offer that expires in the near future to encourage them to revisit soon.

We Love You

Identify guests who visit frequently and/or have spent a lot recently.

Simply thank them for their patronage, send them a special offer, or provide them with a unique VIP experience.

New Guests

Identify guests who recently visited your restaurant for the first time.

Send them a welcome email and let them know why they should come back soon for a 2nd visit (an offer for 50% Off an Appetizer doesn’t hurt either!).


Identify guests with a recent or upcoming birthday.

Encourage them to celebrate at your restaurant with a Free Dessert.

Loyalty Club

Identify guests who have made a certain amount of progress in your loyalty program.

Let them know about a VIP extra points loyalty program, a new beer that was just added to the beer club,or reward them for their progress with a “surprise & delight” offer.

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