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Setting Taxes in Menu Management 2.0

You can set up to three different taxes using the Taxes option.

The Taxes screen displays the following key information:




One of three possible taxes you can set up.


The name you’ve given the tax. For example, “State” or “HST”.


The tax’s percentage amount.


Whether this tax is Enabled (you can add it to a Menu Item or Menu Category) or Disabled (it is unavailable to be associated with a Menu Item or Menu Category).

You can also set up other general tax settings:



Tax 2 on Tax 1

If your jurisdiction requires Tax 2 be calculated on the bill sub-total + Tax 1, enable Tax 2 on Tax 1. This option can be used if an occupation tax has to be levied before the application of state/city/county taxes.

Inclusive Tax

If you prefer to display menu prices with the tax, enable Inclusive Tax. The receipt will still break out the tax if this is enabled. If you’ve added Menu Items with prices before enabling this, TouchBistro will recalculate your menu item prices with the inclusive tax. If you want your menu to include taxes, see this discussion.

Inclusive Tax for iOS Reports

By default, your iPad reports that have sales figures will break out taxes even if Inclusive Tax is enabled. If you prefer sales figures to show tales inclusive of tax, enable this.

Enabling/Editing a Tax

If you’ve not yet enabled the tax, use the Enablement drop-down box at the top left to enable the tax.

Once enabled you can edit the tax as follows:




You should change the tax name to you’re the appropriate tax name for your jurisdiction (“State”, “HST”, “Alcohol”).


Enter the percentage rate (e.g. 8.875 or 13). Do not enter the % symbol.

Tax Number

Some jurisdictions require a tax ID number to be printed on guest checks so customers can claim tax paid for their business or personal taxes. If required, enter it here.

Exclude Order Types

If orders started and completed as takeout/delivery and/or at the bar are tax free, select the order type exclusions using the drop-down box.

Reduced Tax Percentage

Some jurisdictions do not tax restaurant foods (or tax them at a lower rate) if they are under a certain pre-tax dollar value. Enter the tax effective tax rate here. For example, in Ontario it would be 5 (5%)

Taxable Amount

Enter the amount where the FULL tax applies.

For example, bills under $4 trigger the tax reduction. However, bills $4.01 and greater do not.

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