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Setting Up Your TouchBistro Payments Devices


TouchBistro supports two payment devices:

P400: A counter-top PINpad

V400M: A table-side terminal

This guide will walk you through how to set up both devices.

Plugging in Your P400

If your payment device does not come with the power cable pre-attached, you can attach it as follows:

1.  Remove the back cover.

2.  Snap the cable into the data/power ports at the top.

3.  Re-attach the back cover.

Plugging in Your V400M

Your V400M is a mobile terminal. However, it does need to be charged. Plug the supplied adaptor into the side of the device. When not in use, re-plug the device in to ensure it is fully charged. If your device comes with a cradle, ensure you cradle is powered and you leave your V400M in the cradle when not in use to charge.

Connect Your Payment device to Your TouchBistro Network

Whether you are using a P400 or a V400M, follow these steps.

1.  Press the 0 key followed by the # key.

2.  Tap Administration.

3.  Enter your Admin password. By default it is 999999 (six 9s) or 9999 (four 9s). Tap the Checkmark button.

4.  Tap Network Settings.

5.  Tap Settings. Your payment device will scan for available networks.

6.  If you do not see your TouchBistro network, tap the on-screen down arrow to show more found networks. Tap it when you find it.

7.  You will be prompted to enter your network password. Press a number key. When you press a number key it will give you its traditional dial pad letter alternatives. Keep pressing the number key to select the appropriate letter, letter case, or number. For example, to get a “g” press 4. To get an uppercase H, press 4 five times to select H. Use the 0 button to enter a space. Use the * button to cycle through keyboard characters.

8.  When you’ve entered the network password, tap the Checkmark button.

9.  Your payment device will report a successful connection. If it doesn’t you entered the wrong password or made an error when entering it. Try again.

10. Press the red Cancel button several times to return to the ready screen.

Changing Your Device Password

You should use the default password. Shortly after activating your device, you should change the password. To do this:

1.  Press the 0 key followed by the # key.

1.  Tap Manager Password.

2.  You will need to enter your current password and then the new password. It needs to be at least four numbers.

Finding Your IP Address and MAC Address

TouchBistro’s install team should have aided you in reserving an IP address for your device in the router. They may need you to find your device’s MAC address. Also, at a later time you may need to find your payment device’s IP address To find either,, do the following:

1.  Press the 0 key followed by the # key.

2.  Tap Network Info.

3.  Write down the IP address displayed on the Network Info screen.

If you need to at a later date reserve the MAC address of an additional device in your router, follow these steps.

Setting Up the Payment Device in TouchBistro

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Setting.

2.  Tap Payments and tap TB Payments to select it. Tap Setup.

3.  Tap Manage Terminals.

4.  You will see your registered terminals pre-loaded. Locate the terminal entry that matches the serial number on the back of your payment device and then tap Set IP Address. In this case it is the payment device set as the default.

5.  Give this device a descriptive name, for example, Counter to indicate its location. Enter the IP address you reserved via your router. If you would like this payment device to be the default, enable Set for Default Terminal.

6.  To ensure you entered the IP address correctly, tap Test Connection. Make sure the terminal itself is not on a setup screen but at the ready screen. If not, you will get a connection error.

7.  Tap < Back when done.

8.  If you have other registered terminals, repeat the steps above to set their IP address.

Refresh Settings

Support may ask you to refresh your settings. If ask, tap Admin | Admin Settings | Payments. Tap the Setup option associated with TouchBistro Payments and then tap Refresh Settings.

On your terminals, click 0+# on the terminal keypad and then tap Software update. It will take a few minutes for the new settings to take effect.

Download New Firmware

At times you may be required to manually update your device’s firmware. To do this:

On your terminals, click 0+# on the terminal keypad and then tap Software update. It will take a few minutes for the firmware to download.

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