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Setting Up Your SendGrid Integration Subscriptions


Before you can begin sending emails via TouchBistro Loyalty, you will need to create a SendGrid account. SendGrid provides attractive email templates and handles the actual job of bulk emailing accounts you’ve filtered via Guest Reporting. It is free to sign up with SendGrid. However, the free version only allows for 100 emails/day. If you require more, you should purchase one of their packages.

Signing Up

1.  To create a SendGrid account click here or visit and look for their free-trial offer link.

2.  Follow the steps to create your account.

3.  Once the account is created, go to the SendGrid dashboard and on the left side navigation click Settings | API Keys.

4.  Click Create API Key in the top right of the screen

5.  Name the API Key (we recommend “TouchBistro Loyalty”)

6.  Select Full Access

7.  Click Create & View

8.  Immediately copy the API Key. You will not be able to display it again after clicking Done. You might want to paste this into a notepad file and save it to your desktop before you move to the next step.

9.  Open your TouchBistro Loyalty Dashboard.

10. Click Guest Reporting and click Promotions & Communications.

11. Click the Email tab and paste the copied API key in the API Key section.

12. Input a From email address.

13. Click Save.

The restaurant is now able to send email communications to diners using the SendGrid integration. Click here for more information on managing email templates in SendGrid.

Setup Unsubscribe Tracking

Many jurisdictions require you to have an unsubscribe option in promotional emails. So it’s important to follow these steps to add a link to your emails that will allow guests to unsubscribe. o do this:

1.  From your SendGrid dashboard, click Settings | Tracking.

2.  You’ll see a list of tracking options. Locate Subscription Tracking. It will be inactive. Click its associated Edit icon.

3.  Review the verbiage that will appear at the bottom of HTML & Text emails instructing the receiver how to unsubscribe. Change if desired. Enable and click Save.

4.  You should now see Subscription Tracking is set to Enabled.

Creating and Managing Email Templates

TouchBistro Loyalty uses SendGrid to send transactional emails and manage email templates. You will have several different options for creating and managing email templates including building templates from scratch, using pre-built templates from SendGrid, and using pre-built templates from TouchBistro Loyalty.

Creating Email Templates

1.  On your SendGrid dashboard, click Email API | Dynamic Templates.

2.  Click Create a Dynamic Template button.

3.  Click Create a Sender Identity and follow the instructions. Ensure you verify your email. You will need an email other than a free email account (gmail/yahoo) to complete this step. You should use the email account supplied with your ISP or an account available for your restaurant’s site hosting.

4.  After creating a sender identity, click Create a Dynamic template and enter a name for your template. Click Create.

5.  Click Add Version.


You’re now ready to design this template. You can start a template using the blank option or modify one provided by SendGrid. For details on how to use the design editor, see SendGrid’s guide here.

Please note: if you setup unsubscribe tracking, you will not need to add an unsubscribe link to your template.

Important TouchBistro Loyalty Templates

TouchBistro Loyalty also provides four designs:

1.  Happy Birthday

2.  We Miss You

3.  Thank You

4.  New Guests

To use these, do the following:

1.  Click Blank Template | Select (under Design Editor) | Build | Advanced.

2.  Click the Import button associated with Import Drag & Drop HTML.

3.  In another browser tap, open one of the following: Happy Birthday, We Miss You, Thank You, New Guests.

4.  You will need to copy and paste the text in the document EXACTLY. These documents multi page so click Edit | Select All and then copy.

5.  Go back to your SendGrid tab and click next to the 1 at the top left of the screen. Ensure you see a blinking cursor. This indicates you’re ready to paste. Paste what you had just copied then click the Update button in the top right.

6.  Click on and upload your logo.

7.  Click on the View My Rewards button and set it to your Customer Web App.

8.  Make any desired text or design changes.

9.  Click Save.

10. Repeat these steps for any other template you wish to use.

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