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Setting Up the TSYS Genius Handheld


The TSYS Genius Handheld device is an Android-based mobile EMV card reader. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your router. Any iPad connected to your router can address the Genius Handheld device. Hence, unlike Bluetooth-based mobile EMV solutions which allow only one-to-one pairings, the Genius Handheld device can support multiple iPads.

Using Other Payment Processors with TSYS

With the TSYS Payment Gateway Services, you are able to register with TSYS and use another payment processor behind the TSYS platform. You should discuss signup and cost of using another payment processor behind TSYS’s Payment Gateway Services, directly with TSYS.

Supported Processors

  • FirstData (supports US Virgin Islands)

Setting Up the Hardware


Before you begin, you may need to charge your device.

1. Open the port cover on the left side of the Genius Handheld device.

2. Plug a Micro USB cable into the USB port. And plug the other USB port into a USB port that supplies power. Do not try to charge this device using your Airport router’s USB port. The Airport’s USB port does not supply adequate power.

Note: You can’t simultaneously power your Genius Handheld device and accept payments. You must unplug the cable to accept payments.

3. You may need to let your Genius Handheld device charge for about 10 minutes before it has enough power to turn on.

4. After giving the device sufficient time to charge, press and hold the power button until the device powers on.

5. When powering on, you’ll see the Genius welcome screen.

Connecting the Device to Your Router

1. After powering up, you will be presented with the lock screen. Tap the lock icon and slide it up.

2. At the bottom of the screen are three navigation icons. You can use the Go Back icon to go back to a previous screen. The Home O icon returns you to the default opening screen. The Switch Apps icon lets you select another running app. However, we do not recommend installing and running any other app other than the TSYS payment app. Doing so could cause your device to run slower, crash, or open your device up to unnecessary security risks.

3. At the top of the screen, tap the Settings icon.

4. Enable Wi-Fi and then tap Wi-Fi to select your TouchBistro network.

5. Tap your TouchBistro network.

6. Enter your password and tap Connect.

Disable Private Address for Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your iPad (or iPads) are updated to iPad OS 14, do the following:

1. Tap your Settings icon.

2. Tap Wi-Fi and then tap the Information icon next to your connected network.

3. If Private Network is enabled, disable it.

Reserve Your Device’s IP Address

By default your router will randomly assign any available IP address to your payment devices and will change these IP addresses from time to time. Hence, you need to set your router to always assign your payment device a static, never-changing IP address. To do this you will need to know your device’s MAC address:

1. After connecting to your router, you need to retrieve the device’s MAC address. Tap the Back icon to return to the initial Settings screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap About POS.

2. Tap Status.

3. Write down the MAC address under Wi-Fi MAC address. Note, MAC addresses are case sensitive so note the proper case of any letters. Tap the Home O icon.

Use that MAC address to reserve a static IP in either your Amplifi router or your Apple Airport router.

Setting Up the Genius Handheld Device in TouchBistro

After reserving your IP, return to your Genius Handheld device. If the screen is blank, press the power button and unlock the device. Tap the Home O icon to return to the default home screen.

1. Tap the Genius payment app.

2. Tap the Information icon.

3. Ensure your Genius Handheld device is using the reserved IP address then tap the Back icon to return to the payment app home screen. Remember to note this IP address down.

4. Launch TouchBistro, open your restaurant and log in as an Admin.

5. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

6. Tap Payment Gateways and then tap TSYS’s associated Setup button.

7. Enter the Merchant Name, Merchant Site ID, and Merchant Key provided by TSYS. If TSYS has supplied a Terminal ID, enter that.

Note: your Merchant Name is provided by TSYS and may not be the same as your restaurant name entered on the TouchBistro Restaurant Profile screen.

8. Choose Quick Service if you do not want TouchBistro to generate credit card receipts for pre-auths (sign on slip). Choose Fine Dining if you want TouchBistro to generate credit card receipts for pre-auths (sign on slip).

9. Scroll to the bottom of the TSYS Settings screen and review the options in the Advanced Settings area.

10. If you are using your swipers to start bar tabs with a swipe, you can enable Save card for payment when opening Bar Tabs to allow you to close the bar tab without having to reswipe the card. However, if you are using only the Genius Handheld device, you cannot start bar tabs with a swipe.

11. By default, TouchBistro will print a merchant and customer copy of the credit card receipt. If you wish to disable printing both these copies, disable Print a merchant and customer receipt. However, you will need to enable the printing of the merchant and customer receipt if you want to do fine dining pre-auths.

12. Tap Manage Terminals.

13. Tap the Add icon to add your terminal.

14. In the Name field give the device a descriptive name. For example Genius Handheld 1.

15. In the IP Address field, enter the IP address you reserved for this device. In this example, it was

16. Finally, tap Device Type.

17. Tap Genius Handheld.

18. Tap Status Check you entered to ensure the IP address was entered correctly and the Genius Handheld device is connected properly. You should see an “Online” status report. Tap Cancel to close the dialog box.

19. Tap Done.

20. If you would like this device to be the default payment device for this iPad, tap the device you just added and ensure there’s a Checkmark next to it. Tap Done.

21. Tap Done to return to the Payment Gateways screen.


By default the Genius Handheld device is not passcode protected. To prevent unauthorized access you should set a passcode:

1. Tap the Home O icon.

2. At the top of the screen, tap the Settings icon.

3. Tap Security.

4. Tap Screen Lock.

5. Tap PIN.

6. Enter a numeric PIN code using the on-screen keypad and tap Continue. Make sure you record this someplace safe as TouchBistro cannot recover a forgotten passcode.

7. Enter it again to confirm. Tap OK.

8. Tap the Home O icon and relaunch the TSYS payment app.

9. The next time you power up the Genius Handheld device, you will be prompted to enter the PIN. Enter it with the on-screen keyboard and tap the on-screen Return button.

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