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Setting up the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer


This guide will show you how to set up your mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer. It assumes you have set up the thermal printer you wish to attach it to. If not, see the guides here for setting up a TSP100 or a mC-Print3 printer.

Plugging in the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer

Note: You cannot use the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer and an automatic cash drawer with the same printer. There is no “pass-through” connection on the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer. Your thermal printer must either be dedicated to printing kitchen tickets or kicking open your cash drawer.


touchbistro screen capture

Locating the cash drawer port. This should be marked “DK”. Plug the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer into that port.


touchbistro screen capture

The back of the mC-Print3 printer has a bay in which you can snuggly fit the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer. Before inserting the buzzer or trying to insert the jack, wind the cable around the buzzer. Locate the port marked Cash Drawer/Buzzer and plug in the buzzer.

Setting the Volume

The volume is set using the dip switches on the right. Use the tip of a pen to move the dip switches up or down. The dip switch positions affect the volume as follows:

(UP implies the ditch switch has been togged always from the number. DOWN implies the dip switch has been togged towards the number.)


The four chime dip switches can be set 16 possible ways. The result is there are 16 different chime/buzzer sounds. When you set a chime dip switch, the mC-Sound Kitchen Buzzer will give you a preview of the sound. Play with the settings and find a chime or buzzer that’s appropriate for your environment.

Enabling Buzzer Use in TouchBistro

1.  Once installed, open TouchBistro.

2.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

3. Tap on the Kitchen printer.

4. Enable Use Kitchen Buzzer / Ticket Alarm.

5. Tap Done.

6. If you are a Pro user (multi-iPad), repeat this for all iPads you have.

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