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Setting up the Chase Move/5000


The Move/5000 is available for TouchBistro Pro users only (using the Mac Pro server or Integrated Pro Server). The Move/5000 is not available if you are a standard (one iPad) or multi-standard (more than 1 iPad but not connected via the Pro server software).

Before you begin, ensure your Mac computer is updated to at least the latest version of OS X El Capitan. Verify as well your Move/500 device is the Wi-Fi only version. If your charging cradle has an ethernet port, you do not have the Wi-Fi only version.

TouchBistro Online Ordering Limitations

If you are using a Move/5000 device to accept payments and close orders that have been accepted under the Online Orders tab, see this guide.

Connecting the Hardware

Ensure you plug the base station into a power source. Your base station communicates to your PIN pad over Bluetooth. However, the setup between the PIN pad and base station is configured automatically. There is no need to authorize any Bluetooth devices on your Mac server or your iPads. One base station can be used to communicate with up to five PIN pads.

Enabling Wi-Fi

TouchBistro connects to your Move/5000 over Wi-Fi. Before you can start using your Move/5000, you will need to enable Wi-Fi and connect to your TouchBistro network.

1. If you see this screen (the “Chase logo screen”), tap the Chase logo button.

2. You are taken to the Admin screen. Tap Admin..

3. Tap Setup Menu.

4. Enter your supervisor ID and password.

5. Tap Communications.

6. Tap Wi-Fi.

7. Tap WiFi Easy Conn. Here you can select your TouchBistro network and enter your password.

8. Press the red Cancel button on the terminal 2 times to return to the Communications screen. Tap ComsPriority.

9. Tap WiFi and tap Enter. If you are prompted for additional priorities, set the remainder to None.

10. Press the red Cancel button on the terminal to return to the Admin screen.

Get Your Terminal ID

1. If you see this screen (the “Chase logo screen”), tap the Chase logo button.

2. You are taken to the Admin screen. Tap Admin.

3. Scroll down to Terminal Info and tap it.

4. Tap Terminal Info.

5. Write down the Terminal ID.

6. Press the red Cancel button on terminal 3 times to return to Admin screen and then click the Home button to return to the Chase logo screen.

Enabling Tips

If tipping is appropriate for your venue, you can setup your PIN pad to allow customers to enter tips.

1. You are taken to the Admin screen. Tap Admin.

2. Tap Setup Menu.

3. Enter your supervisor code and password. Use the keyboard button to help enter any letters in the pass.

4. Tap Trans Options.

5. Tap Tip Options.

6. Tap Tip and select Std/Auto Tip if you would like customers to have the ability to enter their own tip amounts or select from a suggested tip percentage.

7. Tap Tip Guide. Set Tip Guide to Both. Tap Tip Guide Values to set the default tip percentage suggestions.

8. Tap Tip Mode to set if you want customers to enter a dollar value and/or percentage value for their custom tip amount.

9. Press the red Cancel button several times to return to the welcome screen.

Setting Up in TouchBistro

1. Login as admin and tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways.

3. Tap Chase Merchant Services to enable it. Ensure there’s a Checkmark next to it.

4. Tap the associated Setup option.

5. Tap Manage Terminals.

6. If this is the first terminal you’re adding, you’ll see “No Terminals Connected”. If not, you’ll see other terminals you’ve added. Tap Add.

7. Give the terminal a name like “Tableside” and then tap Select a Model. If you are adding more than one payment device, ensure each has a unique Terminal Name.

8. Tap Ingenico Move/5000.

9. In the Terminal ID field, enter the terminal ID you copied down from your Move/5000. Tap Save.

10. Add additional terminals. Tap < Back when you’re done.

11. Enable Automatically Close Table After Payments. Tap Done.

12. After this, make sure you restart your Pro Server on your Mac computer. Simply select TouchBistro Pro Server | Quit TouchBistroServer and then relaunch the app.

13. After the Pro Server restarts note the IP Address (e.g., Ignore the Port (1337) number.

Setting Up iPay@Table

If you are not on the Chase logo screen, press the Home button to return.

1. Tap the iP@T icon.

2. Tap the Menu button at the top left.

3. Tap Comms Setup.

4. Enter your admin passcode. If it’s purely numbers you can use the physical PINpad. If it’s letters and numbers use the on-screen keyboard. Tap Enter after you entered your admin pass.

5. Enter the IP address of your Pro server. Ensure the port number is set to 1338. Do not use the Pro Server’s 1337 port number. Tap Continue.

6. Tap the Menu button at the top left.

7. Tap iPay@Table Setup.

8. Tap the down arrow next to Serial # Type and ensure it’s set to Use Injected S/N.

9. Tap the down arrow next to RMS Type and ensure it’s set to Type 1.

10. Tap the down arrow next to Demo Options and ensure  RMS Connection is disabled.

11. Tap the down arrow next to Font Size and ensure it’s set to Large.

12. Scroll down and ensure you set the following:

Refund Setup


Enabling RMS Polling


Table Name


Prompt Table


Prompt Check




13. Tap the << button at the top right to return to the Terminal screen.

Reset Order Numbers

The Move/5000 device cannot find order numbers that exceed 4 digits. We suggest setting TouchBistro to restart order number to 1 after you exceed 9999 orders.

1. Login as admin and tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Advanced, enable Enable Max Order Number, and then set Max Order Number to 9999.

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