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Setting Up a Chase Desk/5000

Connecting the Hardware

Ensure you plug the power cable into the splitter. The splitter is physically connected to the Desk/5000. You should then plug an Ethernet cable into your splitter and then to your router or switch. Ensure the Desk/5000 fully boots up.

Disable Private Address for Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your iPad (or iPads) are updated to iPad OS 14, do the following:

1. Tap your Settings icon.

2. Tap Wi-Fi and then tap the Information icon next to your connected network.

3. If Private Network is enabled, disable it.

Reserve Your Desk/5000’s IP Address

By default your router will randomly assign any available IP address to your Desk/5000 and will change these IP addresses from time to time. Hence, you need to set your router to always assign your Desk/5000 a static, never changing IP address.

1. From the Welcome screen tap Admin.

2. Tap Setup Menu.

3. Enter your ID and password.

4. Tap Communications.

5. Tap Ethernet.

6. Note the MAC address. Copy down it down on a piece of paper, ensure you copy the letter case correctly.

7. Press the red PIN pad button several times to return to the Welcome screen.

8. On your iPad, tap the AmpliFi app.

9. Tap on the picture of the AmpliFi Router in the middle of the screen.

10. Scroll down to the Advanced section, and tap DHCP Server.

11. Tap Static Leases.

12. Tap the plus sign + in the top right-hand corner to add a new reservation.

13. Complete the following three fields:

  • Name – Create a unique name for this device.
  • The MAC Address for the device.
  • The desired IP Address you wish to reserve for the device.

14. Tap the checkmark in the top right-hand corner, and press Proceed when the Attention dialog box appears.

Setting Up your Desk/5000

Check Your Communication Type Settings

1. If you see this screen (the “Chase logo screen”), tap the Chase logo button.

2. You are taken to the Admin screen. Tap Admin.

3. Scroll down and tap Misc. Options.

4. Tap Semi Integrated.

5. Ensure Enable Semiinteg is set to On and then tap Communication Type.

6. Tap Ethernet and then tap Enter.

7. Note the IP number and enter 1338 for the Port number. You will need these numbers later so note them down.

Enabling Tips

If tipping is appropriate for your venue, you can setup your PIN pad to allow customers to enter tips.

1. You are taken to the Admin screen. Tap Admin.

2. Tap Setup Menu.

3. Enter your supervisor code and password. Use the keyboard button to help enter any letters in the pass.

4. Tap Trans Options.

5. Tap Tip Options.

6. Tap Tip and select Std/Auto Tip if you would like customers to have the ability to enter their own tip amounts or select from a suggested tip percentage.

7. Tap Tip Guide. Set Tip Guide to Both. Tap Tip Guide Values to set the default tip percentage suggestions.

8. Tap Tip Mode to set if you want customers to enter a dollar value and/or percentage value for their custom tip amount.

9. Press the red Cancel button several times to return to the welcome screen.

Setting Up in TouchBistro

1. Login as admin and tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways.

3. Tap Chase Merchant Services to enable it. Ensure there’s a Checkmark next to it.

4. Tap the associated Setup option.

5. Tap Manage Terminals.

6. If this is the first terminal you’re adding, you’ll see “No Terminals Connected”. If not, you’ll see other terminals you’ve added. Tap Add.

7. Give the terminal a name like “Counter” and then tap Select a Model. If you are adding more than one payment device, ensure each has a unique Terminal Name.

8. Tap Ingenico Desk/5000.

9. Input the IP address and port number of your device and tap Save.

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