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Setting Up your TSP100 (143IIIW) Wi-Fi Printer

Download the TSP100III Utility

1. On your iPad tap the App Store icon.

2. Search for the TSP100III Utility. Tap Get.

3. Wait until the app downloads but do not yet open it.

Note: You may be directed by support to download a Mac/Windows version. To download the Mac or Windows version, download this ZIP file.

Connect your iPad to the TSP100IIIW Printer

1. Ensure the printer is plugged in and powered on.

2. On your iPad tap the Settings icon.

3. Tap Wi-Fi and locate your printer under Devices. The final six alphanumeric sequence is part of the devices MAC address. If you are setting up with multiple Wi-Fi printers, you may want to note this down before proceeding.

4. If your iPad does not find it, you may need to reset the printer. See below for reset instructions.

5. If prompted, tap Join Anyway.

6. Wait until the iPad connects with your printer.

7. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home button and tap the TSP100III Utility icon.

8. Tap the icon under Selected Device.

9. If you don’t immediately see your printer, wait a few seconds for it to appear. If you see multiple printers, compare the final six elements in the device’s MAC address to the printer Wi-Fi name you copied down in step 3 above. If you don’t see it after a few seconds, tap the Reload icon in the top right. You may need to tap this a few times.

10. When your printer is found, tap it and tap Apply.

11. After tapping your found printer, tap Device Management.

12. The TSP100III Utility opens a page in your browser. Tap Login.

13. If you are prompted for a login name and password use root as the login name and public as the password.

14. You will be reminded to change your printer password. You can do it at this time. After changing your printer password, note it down. Tap WLAN Settings.

15. Select Infrastructure Mode.

16. In the SSID field, enter the name of the Wi-Fi network you use with TouchBistro. Enter it exactly as indicated on your iPad’s Wi-Fi page. Enter it in the same case and include spaces or other characters.

17. Tap Security and select WPA2/AES.

18. In the Security Key field, enter the password you use to connect to your Wi-Fi router. It’s important to enter the password using the same case. You might want to enable Show characters to double check the password you’re entering.

19. Tap Submit when these fields have been completed.

20. Tap Save.

21. Select Save – Configuration printing – Restart device.

22. Tap Execute.

23. Your printer will print network configuration details. The TSP100III Utility will also report your configuration succeeded in your web browser. Make sure you close the browser or the tab this page appears in.

23. The utility will now reprogram your printer. It will quickly print the Network Configuration and then the printer’s Ready light will flash a bit as the printer requests an IP address. This could take a few minutes. After a bit of time it will the Current IP Parameters Status section and give you the printer’s new IP Address. You may have to hold down the printer’s Feed button to fully eject this print out.

24. Keep the portion with the IP Address handy.

Ensure You Are Re-Connected to your TouchBistro Network

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home button.

2. On your iPad tap the Settings icon.

3. Ensure your iPad is reconnected to your default TouchBistro Wi-Fi network. If not, located it in the Choose a Network area and tap it.

Setting Up Your Printer in TouchBistro

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home button, and tap TouchBistro.

2. After opening your restaurant as an admin, tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right.

3. Tap Add in the top right-hand corner, and select Add Printer.

4. Wait a few moments for your printer (or printers) to appear in the New Printer screen. Tap your printer in the Available Printers list.

5. After selecting your printer, tap Next.

6. Tap Printer Name.

7. Either type a name for your new printer in the Name field, or make a selection from the list, for example Receipt.

8. Tap Printer Properties.

9. In the Printer IP field, enter the desired static IP, for example enter Note: If you add an additional printer later, increment the final portion of the IP address by 1 for the new printer. For example, if later you add a kitchen printer, enter for the kitchen printer. If you add a third printer, say a patio printer, It’s important to not duplicate an IP address or enter an IP address less than 201.

10. Tap Begin Setup.

11. Tap Print Test Page.

12. Tap Save.

Reset the TSP100IIIW

Once paired, your iPad will no longer show it as a device on your Wi-Fi settings screen. If you reset your printer, it will appear again. To reset your printer:

1.Turn your printer off.

2.On the back of the printer, insert a pin or similar implement into the reset hole. Hold it down.

3.Turn the printer back on. Do not remove the pin from the reset hole.

4.When the Ready light starts to flash, release the pin.

5.Your printer will be reset and you will now see it as a device in your Wi-Fi list.

Note: The Pair button is not used for pairing with TouchBistro. The Pair button is for WPS set up which is not used by TouchBistro.


When a printer isn’t responding, see Printer Status Messages to find out why your printer isn’t functioning properly.

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