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Setting Up TouchBistro Digital Menu Board


The TouchBistro Digital Menu Board allows you to display your TouchBistro menu on a television within your venue. It requires a TouchBistro Pro POS system, and an Apple TV 4K. Digital Menu Board will work with earlier versions of the Apple TV, but requires the Apple Siri Remote which comes only with the 4K model.


Digital Menu Board requires Integrated Pro Server (IPS), or a Mac Pro Server. Only one Digital Menu Board can be installed per system.

Digital Menu Board requires TouchBistro Pro version 8.4 POS or later.

This guide covers how to install and set up TouchBistro Digital Menu Board. You can choose between the default Light Mode appearance, or the Dark Mode appearance which is better suited to darker venues.

Apple TV Remote App

Digital Menu Board can be controlled using the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone or from any iPad in your TouchBistro network. The app is free, and can be easily downloaded and used from any of the iPads on your system in order to set up or use Digital Menu Board from anywhere in your venue.

This app is free, so therefore is an economical way to avoid spending money on a replacement Siri Remote should your original device go missing, or become damaged.

Siri Remote

Digital Menu Board can also be used with the Apple Siri Remote. Previous versions of the Apple Remote lack a touch surface, and therefore will not allow you to swipe between the five available layouts. Siri Remote ships with the Apple TV 4K, as well as the 4th-Generation 1080p version, so if a previous version of the Apple TV is acquired, Siri Remote can be purchased separately.

Siri remote can be purchased wherever Apple products are sold.

Inclusive Taxes will not be displayed automatically in your Digital Menu Board.

However, you can easily get around this limitation by creating a curated menu specifically for Digital Menu Board. Using this method, you can curate and arrange the Menu Item names, prices, and the order in which they are displayed in any way you choose, without affecting the way your menu is displayed in TouchBistro POS.

Getting Ready for TouchBistro Digital Menu Board

TouchBistro Digital Menu Board works with only one Menu at a time. In other words, it won’t alternate between your scheduled Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu, and Dinner Menu as it does in TouchBistro POS.

Not all Menu Categories or Menu Items will necessarily be visible on your Menu Board. Five categories are visible at a time, and up to 10 items can be visible from within that category.

You can select between 5 different menu board layouts:

The below example features 5 menu categories, each indicated with a number from 1 through 5.

If we set up our menu in this manner, we should see the menu board display these categories like this.

If for example, we removed the fifth Menu Category from the Menu (Mains, in this case), then the above layout with 5 categories wouldn’t be available. You would have only the remaining 4 layouts to choose from. For example:

Default ModeDark ModeDescription

Five Menu Categories (with as few as three Menu Items per category).

Three Menu Categories (with nine Menu Items per category).

Three Menu Categories with small picture (with as few as three Menu Items per category).

Two Menu Categories with large picture (with six Menu Items per category).

One Menu Category with large picture (with ten Menu Items).

The order in which the Menu Categories appear in the Menu settings will determine which ones will appear on the menu board. Re-arranging the Menu Categories so that the important ones are at the top of your list will ensure that these are the categories visible on the screen.

By the same token, different layouts can allow different numbers of Menu Items visible onscreen, depending on available space. Menu Items within Menu Categories can be rearranged so that the most important items are at the top of the list, thereby giving them priority, and allowing them to appear on the menu board. For example, if you choose the layout with five menu categories, then the third, fourth, and fifth categories will only have enough space to display to top three Menu Items within that category.

If you find that your current menu setup doesn’t display your Menu Categories and Menu Items in the way in which you’d like them to, you may create a unique hidden menu, complete with menu items, to be used with your Menu Board. Please see Creating a Unique Menu Specifically for Menu Board to find out how.

1. Tap Admin and then Admin Settings.

2. Tap Menus.

3. Tap the Menu you wish to use with your menu board.

4. Enable Digital Menu Board for this Menu. Only one menu can be selected at a time.

5. If desired, turn on Enable Dark Mode to darken your Menu Board background. If you prefer a light background, leave this feature disabled.

6. Tap Set Image to select an image to use with your Menu Board.

7. Tap the Tap to Set Image button and select an image from your photo library to use with your menu board.

8. Tap Edit Menu to return to the main menu page.

9. Tap Done.

You may need to rearrange the order of your Menu Items within your Menu Categories so that the most important ones are visible on your Menu Board. Read Rearranging Menu Items to find out how.

Setting Up Digital Menu Board on your Apple TV

1. On your Apple TV, go to the Settings app.

2. Choose Network.

3. From the Wi-Fi menu, ensure that your Apple TV is connected to your TouchBistro network. (Usually, TouchBistro network names are prefixed with the initials “TB-“, for example, TB-Pineapples).

4. Click the Menu button two times on your Apple TV remote to and select General.

5. Select the Screen Saver menu.

6. Select the Start After menu.

7. Select Never to prevent the Screen Saver from coming on during service.

7. Select Sleep After.

7. Select Never to prevent your Apple TV from going to sleep during service.

8. On your Apple TV Remote, hold down the Menu button to return to the home screen.

9. Use your Apple TV remote to access the App Store.

10. In the App Store, select Search.

11. Type in TouchBistro Digital Menu Board into the search field, and select it when it appears.

12. Select the Get button to download the app. Enter your Apple ID username and/or password if prompted.

You will now see the TouchBistro Digital Menu Board app on your Apple TV homescreen.

Using TouchBistro Digital Menu Board

1. Use your Apple TV remote to select TouchBistro Digital Menu Board on your screen.

2. Select your Restaurant Name (as it appears in TouchBistro POS) from the list.

3. Your menu board should now appear on your television screen. Swipe from right-to-left and left-to-right using your Apple TV remote to select the menu board layout you wish to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of TV do I need to buy?

Any TV of 48” or larger is recommended, but you can use a TV of any size that has an HDMI port.

What TouchBistro systems are supported?

TouchBistro Digital Menu Board requires access to a Macintosh-based Pro Server. Therefore, it is compatible only with Pro systems. TouchBistro Standard customers using only a single iPad would need to upgrade. This would involve the purchase of a Mac computer, and a change in licensing.

What hardware do I need?

  1. An Apple TV 4K digital media player.
  2. A TV with an HDMI connection.
  3. An HDMI cable long enough to connect the above two items in your venue.

Where can I buy my Apple TV or other hardware?

You can buy your Apple TV at the Apple Store or any electronics retailer carrying Apple products.

Where can I buy my hardware?

You can buy your TV and HDMI cable at any TV or electronics retailer.

Do I need to create a separate menu for DMB?

Although you can use an existing menu with DMB, TouchBistro recommends you create a new menu to highlight featured items on your Menu Board. DMB is a customer-facing product, and Menus often contain Menu Items (such as gift cards) that may not be appropriate for display behind your counter.

Creating a new Menu for your DMB will allow you greater flexibility with regards to which order your Menu Items appear, and which Menu Categories will be featured.

Also, having a menu specifically designed for your DMB will allow you to make changes on a regular basis without affecting the Menu (or Menus) seen on your POS. If your venue features daily specials, you may need to make quick changes before your restaurant opens each day.

Can I create my own templates?

No. There are 5 templates, and they are not customizable.

Does someone need to install my DMB?

Ostensibly, you’ll want to mount your TV on a wall, or other mounting system, that will allow the screen to be visible to your customers.

Beyond that, setup is simple.

Does TB charge a fee for DMB?

Yes. Please contact your TouchBistro sales representative to find out more.

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