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Setting Up a Moneris PINpad (iPP320)

Review your Moneris Approval/Welcome Email

Before you set up TouchBistro access your Moneris approval/welcome email.

The Moneris approval/welcome email requires a bit of explanation:

1. Do not be alarmed that the mobile card reader items (eSelect Merchant ID, Store ID, ECR Number) are blank. You do not need those items to setup a PIN pad. This is for eSelect Plus merchant accounts.

2. Each PIN pad is identified by both an ECR and a Device Series Number (which matches the serial number on the back of your physical PIN pad).

3. Each row represents the ECR and Device Series Number for each PIN pad you physically have. In the example above, the first row (9925999/91029999) is the ECR and Device Series Number for one PIN pad. The second row (9925923/91032999) is the ECR and Device Series Number for a second PIN pad. If you have three PIN pads, you will see three rows of coupled ECR and Device Series Number numbers.

4. The first number before the slash represents your ECR. The second number after the slash represents the Device Series Number. So in the example above, the first PIN pad’s ECR would be 9925999and its Device Series Number would be 910299

5. The Merchant ID and ECR will be required in your TouchBistro setup. The Device Series Number will be used for helping identify which physical PIN pad you’re configuring for in TouchBistro.

Before you begin

Verify you have an Internet connection.

Check your Internet Connectivity Status icon on the TouchBistro login screen. Verify it’s white. If it is yellow or red, you’re lacking proper connectivity. Alternatively, to check, open Safari on your iPad, and try visiting a couple websites (e.g.,, If the website appears, you are online.

Setting your PIN pad’s Configuration Screens

1. Ensure your Moneris iPP320 is connected to one of the three Ethernet LAN Ports on the back of the AirPort (as illustrated above). You may already have one or two printers plugged into Ethernet Ports. Do not unplugged your printers. Plug the PIN pad into the remaining Ethernet Port. Ensure you do not plug it into the port at the bottom (just above the power port). This is the WAN Port.

2. Ensure the power cable for your Moneris terminal is plugged in.

3. If you’re not entered into the configuration screen, power cycle the PIN pad by pressing down the yellow CORR key and while holding down the CORR key, press the Punctuation key and hold down both together.

4. When you see the Version Information screen you should also note the first two numbers after the U-. If you see U-11, you have version 11 of the iPP320. This guide is for you.

5. When you see the Version Information screen (the screen displays an alphanumeric series like U-0202-61243327), press the red CANC key and then quickly press the green OK key.

6. On the Language screen, press F1 for English.

7. On the Contactless Reader screen, you’re given the choice to enable or disable the “tap to pay” feature. If you support “tap to pay” press F1 to select Enable. If you don’t support “tap to pay” press F4 to select Disable.

8. On the Mode screen, press F1 to scroll down until PCI is highlighted. Press the green Ok button.

9. On the Ethernet IP Type screen, select Dynamic by pressing F4.

10. On the IP Host Setup screen, press F1 to scroll down until Public(2048) is highlighted. If you scroll too far you may see a second Public option. Ensure you select Public(2048). Press the green OK button.

11. On the second IP Host Setup screen, press F1 until Production is highlighted. Press the green OK button.

12. On the Auto DNS screen, press F1 to select YES.

13. On the IP Host Setup screen, select IPG1 by pressing the green OK button.

14. On the IP Config Retry Period screen, select the default 10 seconds by pressing the green OK button.

15. On the Host Time Out screen, select the default 20 seconds by pressing the green OK button.

16 On the Beep screen, press F1 to select ON.

17. On the Cash Back screen, press F4 to select NO.

18. On the Surcharge screen, press F1 until NONE is highlighted. Press the green OK button..

19. On the Status Report screen, press F4 to select NO.

20. The PIN pad will show the Terminal ID screen. Press the green OK button to advance.

21. After a couple of seconds it will say Welcome/Bonjour.

22. Press F2 on the terminal.

23. Press F3 on the terminal.

24. The screen will now read “TERMINAL IP ADDR XX.XX.XX.XX.XX”.

25. Please write this down this IP address as they will be needed later on.

Disable Private Address for Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your iPad (or iPads) are updated to iPad OS 14, do the following:

1. Tap your Settings icon.

2. Tap Wi-Fi and then tap the Information icon next to your connected network.

3. If Private Network is enabled, disable it.

Reserve Your Device’s IP Address

By default your router will randomly assign any available IP address to your payment devices and will change these IP addresses from time to time. Hence, you need to set your router to always assign your payment device a static, never-changing IP address. To do this you will need to know your device’s MAC address:

On the back of your PIN pad you will see a MAC address. There may be a sticker covering it. If so, peel back the sticker to reveal the MAC address. Do not throw away the sticker. This sticker may have your terminal serial number which you will need shortly. Use that MAC address to reserve a static IP in either your Amplifi router or your Apple Airport router.

Configuring TouchBistro

1. Open your restaurant on TouchBistro.

2. Log in as Admin.

3. Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right hand corner.

4. Tap Payment Gateways.

5. Tap on Moneris and ensure that a check mark appears in the cell row.

6. Tap Setup.

7. Enter the Moneris Merchant ID from the welcome letter (e.g., 003020699999) in the Merchant ID field. Enter only the number combination. Don’t enter the tilde (~). Your merchant ID should normally always start with 0030.

8. Tap Manage Terminals.

9. Tap on the blue plus sign icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

10. Tap on Terminal Model. We need to tell TouchBistro we’re setting up version 11.

11. Tap Ingenico iPP320 v11.

12. Give the terminal a unique name (e.g., “Counter”). If you are using this iPP320 with TouchBistro Kiosk, then it might be prudent to name it Kiosk, or Kiosk 1, or Kiosk 2, etc. so that it can more easily be paired with the appropriate Kiosk iPad later.

13. Physically locate the PIN pad you want to use (e.g., as your Bar PIN pad terminal). Turn the PIN pad over and locate the sticker with the serial number on the back. Ensure this matches with one of the Device Series Numbers in your welcome letter.

12. In the ECR field enter your first PINpad’s ECR from your welcome letter. If you have multiple ECR numbers (because you have multiple iPP320s), first look for the device serial number on the back or side of your iPP320. It is a white label with a barcode. Find this number in your Welcome letter (it is the series of numbers before the slash). The number after the slash is your ECR number. Enter only the number combinations. Don’t enter the tilde (~).

13. In the Terminal IP Address field, enter in the IP address that was written down.

14. Tap Tip Options to enable tips on your PINpad. Tap Both if you want to prompt for a user enter dollar amount or a user entered percentage amount. Tap No Tips if tipping is not appropriate for your venue or for this particular PINpad (for example, this PINpad will be located in the gift shop area and tipping is not appropriate for a merchandise only area).

15. Tap Test Connection. It should say “Communications successful with payment terminal.”

16. Tap Initialize Terminal in the top right of the screen. It should say “Initialization successful for payment terminal”.

17. Tap Store and Forward Options to set up or disable offline payments.

18. Tap each card type to set the per transaction limit you’re willing to process offline. For example, tap VISA to set it to $125. That is, TouchBistro will not process a guest check if it is over $125.

19. Tap Maximum Transactions to limit the total number of offline transaction you’re willing to process. By default, TouchBistro will process a maximum of 550 offline transactions. Set this number lower, if you wish. You can’t, however, set it higher than 550. This number resets after you submit.

20. If you prefer not to take any offline transactions, tap Disable Store and Forward.

21. Tap Save to return to the Payment Terminals screen.

22. Tap on the Add icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen to add any additional PIN pad terminals. Ensure you get the Terminal IP Address for each additional terminal.

Notes about Store and Forward Processing

Version 11 supports the ability to take payments offline via the PINpad. If, for example, your Internet is temporarily offline or the Moneris payment system is offline for some reason, your version 11 iPP320 can take and store transactions. When the Internet or the Moneris payment system is back up, you can then use TouchBistro to forward the stored transactions to Moneris. The system has the following limitations”

1. The offline iPp320 will only verify the expiry date and card number. Because it is offline, it cannot check with Moneris to see if the card is lost/stolen or has sufficient credit limit.

2. If a card has a problem (lost/stolen/insufficient credit), you will not be alerted after submitting the stored offline payments. It will, however, get reflected on your chargebacks.

3. Limits set for each card type and total transaction limits are per machine. Set each machine appropriately.

4. Examine your chargeback history and rate of card rejections. For example, for every 1,000 transactions you experience 1 charge back and 4 cards get declined (because they were lost/stolen/over their limit). Which means for every 200 offline transactions you do, you’re likely to experience 1 charge back. Tap each card and limit how much of a charge back you’re willing to risk versus having several walk outs because your card processing is temporarily down.

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