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How to Restore a Menu Backed up to the Web


When menus are “published to web” they are stored on TouchBistro’s servers. This is for backup and recovery purposes, for example your iPad gets stolen and you want your menu on the replacement iPad. Or you want to have the same menu on multiple standard iPads. Menus published to TouchBistro’s servers are not accessible to the public (e.g., prospective diners). There is currently no way for you to directly access uploaded menus once they are there.

Before you start

1. To restore a menu, you must first have published a menu to the web.

2. When you’re ready to restore your menu, contact TouchBistro at TouchBistro will need to ensure your new iPads are properly licensed.

3. Once TouchBistro support confirms the proper transfer of the license, continue the steps below.

Publish Your Menu to the Web

1. On your iPad with your existing menu. Login as an Admin and access Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap TouchBistro Cloud and then tap Upload Menu to TouchBistro Cloud Server.

3. Enter a description so TouchBistro support knows who this menu is coming from. So enter your venue name or your account name.

4. Tap Upload Menu.

5. Depending on the size of your menu, the number of images you have, and your connection speed, it may take a few minutes to upload your menu.

6. Tap OK when prompted the upload was successful.

Restoring your subscription

1. Launch TouchBistro on the NEW iPad and tap Open Existing Restaurant.

2. Tap Can’t Find Your Restaurant?

2. Tap Restore from Your Account

3. Accept the Terms of Service.

4. Log in with your Username and Password. Use the Username and Password you used to register your restaurant through the TouchBistro iPad app. If you have lost or forgotten the password to login, click Forgot your password? Enter the email associated with the account and an email from will be sent out with the new password. If it does not come shortly, check your email’s Spam folder.

5. Confirm this is the restaurant you want to download and tap Restore.

6. You are prompted to download the new menu. Tap Yes.

7. Choose the menu you want to download.

8. The menu downloads to the iPad and it is now ready.

What Gets Transferred?

  • Restaurant information (name, address, etc.)
  • Printers and KDS settings
  • Settings under Menu (categories, menu items, voids, etc.)
  • Floor Plans
  • Payment Gateway settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Cloud Settings

What Does Not Get Transferred?

  • Menu Images
  • CFD settings/images
  • Ingredients Inventory items if they are not part of a menu item recipe
  • Staff/Staff Types
  • Reports

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