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Reservations iPad App – Using the Reservation List and Floorplan


The Timetable is visible if you are viewing the Floorplan in AM or PM mode. If you tap Live, you will see table statuses.

Each interval will show you how many tables have reservation times for that interval as well as how many covers (patrons) are expected to be seated for that interval. In the pictured example, 11 am we are expecting two reservations (tables) and a total of 10 patrons (covers). Our timeline is divided into 15-minute intervals. Your administrator can set this to 15/30/60 minute intervals using the web version of TouchBistro Reservations. See Chapter 8 Section 4 in this guide.

You can tap the Refresh button above the Timetable to download additional reservations that may have been added via the Internet or via another app running TouchBistro Reservations.

Table Details

Seats without reservations of the timeslot indicate the table number (for example, table 31) as well as visually depict the maximum number of seats via light grey dots or bars. We can see table 31 has six dots which indicates this table seats up to six people. Table 4 has four light grey bars arranged around the table indicating it seats up to four patrons. Table 22 has 2 light grey bars indicating this table seats 2.

If a table is reserved during the timeslot, the table will indicate the expected reservation time. In the pictured example above, we can see the reserving party has requested a table for 11 am. TouchBistro Reservations has assigned the party table number 4.

Seating a Reservation

1. First ensure you’ve tapped the Reservation List button at the bottom. You’ll note the Reservation List button and the top right area of the Reservation List indicated the total number of tables reserved as well as the total number of patrons to be seated for the timeslot. In the pictured example, the AM timeslot has five reservations with a total of 20 patrons to be seated.

2. When a party arrives, tap on the party. The table that’s been reserved for the party gets highlighted on the Floorplan.

3. Swipe right on the party in the Reservation List and tap Seat.

4. The table will turn purple to indicate the party has been fully seated.

Move Option

1. If you would like to visually move a party (either seated or waiting to be seated), swipe right on the party in the Reservation List and tap Move and tap the target table on the Floorplan. In the pictured example, we’re moving the party to table 2.

2. Tap Confirm.

3. The reservation is now reserved at the target table.

4. Alternatively, you can tap and hold on a table and then drag the green cursor to the desired target table. In the above example, we’re going to drag the green cursor from table 4 to table 3.


If you tap a reservation’s Action button you have several options.


A Status option lets you indicate whether a party has been seated or the reservation is has been canceled. When you change a reservation’s Status, the reservation’s icon changes to reflect the new status.

Partially seated

Indicates the entire party has yet to arrive but one or more party members have been seated.


Indicates the entire party has been seated.

No Show

Indicates the party never arrived.

If the admin has set up the Policy and credit section, a No Show setting may trigger an automatic email to the reserving party member or result in an automatic no-show fee charged to the reserving party member’s credit card. Set this with care.


The party has called and cancelled.



Click if you would like to set up a new reservation for the party.



Actions helps you track your communications with the party. When you flag a reservation for an action, the reservation’s icon changes to reflect the action taken on behalf of the reservation.

Left phone message

Indicates you’ve manually called the party contact and left a verbal reminder on his/her voice mail.

Request a confirmation

If selected, TouchBistro Reservations will generate an email to the party contact (pictured above) requesting they confirm the reservation.

Confirmed by phone

Indicates you’ve manually called the party contact and received a verbal confirmation that the party will honor the reservation.

Send a confirmation

If selected, TouchBistro Reservations will generate an email to the party contact indicating their reservation has been confirmed by you.

The email version will appear similar to the one above. The email provides options for the party to modify the reservation.

Unanswered Call

Indicates you’ve manually called the party contact and the call went unanswered or no voice mail was available.



Other provides two options:


If selected, History will show you a chronological list of communications, changes, and status settings made to the reservation. The staff member who made the changed is also logged.


Print will print basic details about the reservation.

List Options

The List Options option lets customize how your list of Reservations gets displayed.

The effect of enabling or disabling the various options is documented below:

Always show

By enabling or disabling these settings, you can control what kinds of bookings appear in the Reservations list.


If enabled, you will see any party designated as a Walkin. Disable if you want to filter out Walkins. If you give a walkin party a name disabling Walkins will not hide a named walkin party.


If disabled, you will not see any party set for the Seated status. Disabling this option will not hide parties marked for a Partially Seated status.


If disabled, you will not see any party marked as Completed.


If disabled, you will not see any party marked as Canceled.

Apply to Sheet Mode

Disable if you want to set these options differently for the Sheet view.

Show the following information

These options are currently not supported in the app version.

Group bookings by

By default your Reservation list is sorted by time. Earlier reservations appear at the top, later reservations appear at the bottom. This list is sorted secondarily by seat count, by name, or by hour.

In the above example, we are sorting using the Group bookings by hour option. Our Default Sort option (see below) is set for By Hour. The Reservation list groups reservations into hourly blocks (11 am, noon, 1 pm). It then sub-sorts each hour block by seat count, from lowest to highest. This has the effect of, say, putting a slightly later reservation at the top of the guest list because it has fewer seats reserved. So a 4 person party reserved for 11:15 displays above a 6 person party reserved for 11:00.

You can increase the time granularity by setting Group bookings by to Group bookings by your interval.

In the above example, we switched to Group bookings by your interval. Reservations are grouped to our Timetable interval which is set for 15-minute intervals. Within each 15-minute interval, our reservations are then subsorted by our default sort option (seat count, by name, or by hour).

Default sort option

The Default sort options section currently only lets you sort by hour.

Table Status

If you tap the Live button, the Timetable shows table statuses. As well tables indicate by color their table status. For example, table 3 and table 24 have been set for the Main meal status. Each status indicates the number of tables currently set for that status as well as the number of covers.

In the pictured example, on table and two seats are set as Seated. Two tables and six seats are set as Main meal. One table and six seats are set as Check.

Setting the Table Status

You can set a table’s status in one of two ways:

Method 1

1. Tap the party. The party’s table is highlighted on the Floorplan. Swipe right on the party.

2. Tap Actions.

3. Tap the new table status.

Method 2

1. Tap the table. Swipe right on the party.

2. Tap Actions.

3. Tap the new table status.

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