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Reservations iPad App – Servers List


The Servers List lets you manage which servers are available for a particular day’s timeslot.

Adding Servers to the Server List

1. Tap on the Server List button.

2. Tap on the Calendar tool to select the desired day. Tap the Timeslot button to select the desired timeslot (AM or PM).

3. Tap Add server.

4. Tap all servers you wish to schedule for that day and timeslot. Tap outside the server selection list when done.

5. In the pictured example, we’ve added three servers for the Friday PM Timeslot.

Assigning Servers Tables

1. Click on a server. On the floorplan click, hold, and then drag to select multiple tables this server is responsible for.  You can also click on tables individually. Click Save when you have selected all the tables for the server.

2. Repeat for the remaining servers. TouchBistro Reservations highlights the selected tables seats using the server’s Employee color.

Table and Cover Statistics

As you add reservations to your floorplan, seat customers, and close tables, the Server list reflects this activity by the server.

Last Seated: A minute count up since the last time a table was seated in the server’s section. For example, we can see it’s been 4 minutes since Emmie’s last table was seated. If another party came in and was seated, the count up would be reset to 0 minutes.

Tables: The total number of tables in the server’s section. For example, Emmie has 3 tables in her section. Robin has 4 tables assigned to her in her section.

Seated: A total of all seats that are currently occupied.

Expect: The total number of seats reserved for the server’s section and timeslot. If a walkin has been seat, this number will also represent the number of seats occupied by walkins accommodated in the server’s section.

Done: The total number of covers that have completed their reservation. For example, Emmie has had 4 seats pay for their meals and leave the venue.

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