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Preserving Sales Data before License Expiry


If your license expires, TouchBistro enters a “Lite” mode.

Lite mode is distinguished by a flashing red menu bar.

In Lite mode, you can still access your sales data and menu, but you can’t print receipts, integrate with payment systems, or print/email sales data.

If you are a seasonal restaurant and your TouchBistro license will expire over your off season, you’re closing your business, or you’re selling your business, you will want to archive important sales data BEFORE your license expires.

To do this, you need to run a number of key reports for, potentially, your venue’s entire sales history.

Accessing Reports

1. Login as an admin and tap Admin | Reports.

2. Tap Cancel on the Previous Business Days screen.

3. You might want to enable Years if you need to capture multiple years of sales data.

4. If you’re capturing your venue’s complete sales history for multiple years, you may want to first try and export data on a yearly basis. So set the Date/Time wheel for the first day and year of business and send the End Date for December 31 of your first year of business.

5. We suggest you add the following reports:

Sales | Sales Totals

Accounting | Tax Report

Accounting | Tax Exclusion Report

Accounting | Detailed Sales CSV

Menu | Food Cost Report

Menu | Alcohol Cost Report

Payments | Payment and Refund Totals

Payments | Credit Card Payment Report

Payments | Credit Card Refund Report

Labor | Hours Report

Labor | Detailed Shift Report

Labor | Cash Tip Report

Labor | Credit Card Tips Report

Note: These suggested reports should capture key details about your sales history and labor records. However, the suggested reports may not be appropriate for your tax jurisdiction and regulatory environment. Please consult with your venue’s accountant as to what data needs to be archived for your specific compliance needs.

6. After adding the desired reports, you may want to save this as a template. This way you can quickly recreate the report if you need to generate the same report but over several different time frames.

7. To save the reports, tap Save Template As.

8. Give the report a name and description, like “Final Report”. Tap Done.

9. After saving the template, tap Generate Report.

10. Tap CSV.

11. Enter your email and tap Send.

12. Repeat these steps for your next report range. Tap Load Template to access the final template you just saved.

If you have significant amounts of data, your iPad may not have enough memory to generate a yearly report. You may need to break up your reports. For example, you may want to generate quarterly reports.

Backing Up

Upon sending the email, you should download the CSV file onto your computer and immediately transfer it to some backup medium. For example, put it on a thumb drive or external drive. You should not just leave it in email. There’s a chance your email provider ends service, you accidentally delete your email, or you lose your email account password.

You should backup your iPad onto a computer via iTunes.

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