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Offline Payments with the iPP320 version 11


The iPP320 Version 11 supports the ability to take payments offline via the PIN pad. If, for example, your Internet is temporarily offline, your version 11 iPP320 can take and store transactions. When the Internet is back up, you can then use TouchBistro to forward the stored transactions to Moneris. The system has the following limitations:

1. The offline iPP320 will only verify the expiry date and card number. Because it is offline, it cannot check with Moneris to see if the card is lost/stolen or has sufficient credit limit.

2. If a card has a problem (lost/stolen/insufficient credit), you will not be alerted after submitting the stored offline payments. It will, however, get reflected on your chargebacks.

3. Offline payments can only be done with an inserted chip card. Tapped cards will be rejected. Gift cards, likewise, cannot be used offline.

Setting Up

The Setting Up a Moneris PIN Pad (iPP320 Version 11) chapter covered the basics of enabling or disabling offline payments. However, to review:

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways.

3. Tap Setup.

4. Tap Manage Terminals.

5. Tap the Information icon associated with the terminal or terminals you want to accept offline payments.

6. Tap Store and Forward Options to set up or disable offline payments.

7. Tap each card type to set the per transaction limit you’re willing to process offline. For example, tap VISA to set it to $125. That is, TouchBistro will not process a guest check if it is over $125.

8. Tap Maximum Transactions to limit the total number of offline transactions you’re willing to process.

9. By default, TouchBistro will process a maximum of 550 offline transactions. Set this number lower, if you wish. You can’t, however, set it higher than 550. This number resets after you submit. Tap OK

10. If you prefer not to take any offline transactions, tap Disable Store and Forward.

11. Tap Done to return to the Payment Terminals screen.

12. If you have more than one iPP320 version 11 terminal repeat these steps.

Deciding on Card Limits

It cannot be stressed enough that accepting offline payments comes with a higher risk of chargebacks. However, the risk of one or more chargebacks needs to be balanced against losing connectivity during your lunch or dinner rush and having dozens of walk-outs and lost good will.

1. To help decide if accepting offline payments is appropriate, a good way to proceed is first examine your chargeback history and rate of card rejections. For example, for every 1,000 transactions you experience 1 charge back and 4 cards get declined (because they were lost/stolen/over their limit).

2. Determine how many card transactions you might do during a peak period. For example, during your lunch rush you do 100 card transactions.

3. So, if for every 1,000 card transactions, your history shows you would get 5 cards that would result in a chargeback, you are likely to get 1 chargeback per 200 transactions.

4. After, therefore a lunch rush with 100 card transactions has a 50% chance of getting a chargeback.

5. Next, determine how much business you may lose during an Internet outage from walkouts or customers you may have to comp because they have no other way to pay. For example, you may lose $300 worth of business.

6. Finally, tap each card and limit how much of a charge back you’re willing to risk versus having several walk outs because your card processing is temporarily down. For example, set all cards for $50 if you’re only willing to risk a 50% chance of having a $50 charge back in effort to keep $300 worth of sales.

Processing an Offline Payment

1. Tap Debit orCredit depending on card type offered by the customer.

2. Tap Pay in Full. Alternatively, if the customer only wishes to pay a portion of the full amount, enter the amount the customer wishes to charge to the card and tap Charge.

3. TouchBistro will prompt you the PIN pad has become active and is now waiting to process a card payment.

4. Press the green Enter  button.

5. If tipping was set up, select $ (F1) to enter a dollar amount tip or % (F4) to enter a percentage.

6. Enter the tip and press the green Enter  button.

7. Press the green Enter  button to confirm the amount.

8. Have the customer insert their card. Offline mode does not support tap.

9. Enter the PIN and press the green Enter  button.

10. If processing is offline, the approval process will take longer. It may take up to 1-2 minutes before the card is approved.

11. TouchBistro will warn you the transaction was processed offline. Tap Don’t warn again for 2 hours if you don’t want the offline warning to pop up after each offline transaction.

12. Close the table.

Reviewing Offline Payments

1. Tap Orders.

2. Tap All Closed Bills. If you see Offline Payment next to any of your closed bills, those bills were processed offline and stored on the iPP320 they were processed on. Make sure you forward the stored payments before you close your day.

Forwarding Stored Payments

Offline payments are stored on the iPP320 PIN pads they were processed and approved on. TouchBistro will not automatically submit these stored payments. To forward them:

1. Tap Admin | Payment Gateway Options (or Options | Payment Gateway Options if you’re logged in as a manager).

2. Tap Refresh SAF Payments.

3. Tap your iPP320, for example Counter. If you have more than one iPP320 configured, you will see all of them here. Tap each one to forward offline payments.

NOTE: Before you submit your batch at the end of the night, you must first submit your Store and Forward offline payments.

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