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Setting Up Your MoonClerk Integration Subscriptions

What is MoonClerk?

MoonClerk is a third party software that will allow you to create a sign-up form for your subscription program and set up recurring and/or one time payments. Through TouchBistro Loyalty’s integration with MoonClerk, any guest who completes the sign-up form will have an account automatically created for them in TouchBistro Loyalty, and that account will tag the guest as a paying member.

Create MoonClerk Account and Forms

Visit to create an account. You will be prompted to also create and link a Stripe account, which is what MoonClerk uses as a credit card processor.

1.  Once your account is created and you are logged in to MoonClerk, you can create your sign-up form by clicking + Create Payment Form.

2.  Complete the payment form. Include a name and description. As well, enter the amount a member must pay. If you offer multiple levels, please create one form for each subscription level, do not add multiple amounts.

3.  If this is recurring payment for a club, set Frequency Options to Recurring and then click Set Recurring Options. Set the period (say monthly), when payment is required, and how long recurring payments continue. If there’s a one-time upfront amount (for example, a set-up fee), click Yes.

4.  In the Additional Information section click and set four fields. Ensure you set Type and Keys are exactly as specified below:





First Name


Single Line Text


Last Name


Single Line Text


Email Address




Phone Number


Phone Number


5.  You can customize the approval message.

6.  If you want to customize your form with your brand’s, select your theme from the Choose a theme drop-down box.

7.  If you have created one, you can later create one after saving this sign-up form by clicking Themes from the main menu. Return and select it.

8.  Click Save and Finish when you’re done.

Edit, Preview, and Embed Your Form

After you’ve created your form(s), you can preview, edit, or get code to embed them on your own website under Forms.

Integrate with TouchBistro Loyalty

1.  Click Account | Settings.

2.  Click API Key.

3.  Generate your API key and give that to your TouchBistro Loyalty enablement representative.

After Member Sign Up

Once a guest completes the sign-up form, an account will be created automatically in TouchBistro Loyalty using the Name, Email, and Phone Number that was entered in the MoonClerk Form. The guest will receive a text message with a link where they can set the password for their TouchBistro Loyalty account. You can view these users by going to your TouchBistro Loyalty Dashboard . Click Guest Reporting | Create Filters + Guest Search. Click Tags. You will see tags created for each of your MoonClerk forms. When the account is created for each member, they will be tagged according to their payment status:




The member has signed up but the credit card has not yet been processed.


The credit card payment was successful.

Past Due

The payment failed but it will try to process the payment a few more times.


The payment failed each time it was tried to process.


The member canceled the subscription

When you are sending out promotions to your members, you can use these tags to send out the promotion to those with the Active tag.

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