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Setting Modifier Groups in Menu Management 2.0

Modifier Groups are common ways patrons might want to modify a food or drink item. For example, if you serve steak you would have modifiers like rare, medium, and well done. Drinks might be ordered with or without ice, with/without a lemon. You can also use Modifier Groups to create combo meals. For example, a Main (e.g., a burger) can be modified with one Side menu item selection.

The Modifier Page will display Modifier Groups you’ve already created as well as show you which icon they’ve been associated with. Icons are used on TouchBistro’s self-ordering Kiosk. You might want to give the icons a quick look to ensure they all make sense when presented to a diner using the self-ordering Kiosk.

Adding/Editing a Modifier Group

Modifier Group Details

In this section you need to define the following aspects of your Modifier Group:

NameThe name of the Modifier Group. This text is customer facing. It will appear on things like the guest check, Online Ordering, and Kiosk.
Default Forced ModifierIf you want to force a server to have the diner select one or more modifiers, enter a number greater than 0 in this field. If you have salads on your menu, you would want TouchBistro POS to always prompt the sever to ask what kind of dressing. So you would set Default Forced Modifier to 1. If you had a sandwich menu item and a diner can select up to three vegetable items, you could enter 3 here of a “Veggie” Modifier Goup.
Click this drop-down box to select an icon to represent this modifier.

Add Modifiers

In the Add Modifiers section, you add what options should be available to modify the menu item. Complete the following:

Text Modifier/Menu Item ModifierFirst select if this modification option should be a Text Modifier or a Menu Item Modifier. Text modifiers are usually instructions (rare/medium/well done) or food additions that are small and you don’t need to inventory their consumption (a salad dressing type or what kind of milk the customer wants in his/her coffee).
NameIf you selected Text Modifier, enter the name of modification option.
Menu Item Name
If you selected Menu Item Modifier, search for the menu item that should be used as a modification option. For example, each main comes with a choice of dessert. So locate the first dessert option.
PriceBy default a selected option will not have an upcharge nor will it default to its menu price if it’s a Menu Item Modifier. Enter any desired upcharge if the diner selects this option. Ensure you enter a 0 before the decimal if the upcharge is less than $1.
MandatoryIf you want this modifier to always be added whenever the menu item is ordered, enable Mandatory. For example, let’s say in your jurisdiction, selling a drink in a bottle comes with a mandatory deposit. You could add a deposit modifier that automatically adds a 10 cent deposit.
Add ModifierClick Add Modifier to add this option. The added modifier will appear at the bottom of this screen. If you’re adding text modifiers, the name field will not clear after adding the modifier. This can aid you if you need to enter a large number of modifiers with roughly the same name. (e.g., “Size S” “Size M” “Size L” “Size XL”).


Modifier options will appear in the order you add them. Use the “pick up” control and drag and drop the item to its new location in the order. Your configured modifier options will also show you if the modifier is a text or menu modifier.

Return to Menu Items

After creating your Modifier Groups, return to the Menu Items screen, locate menu items you wish to associate with your created modifier groups.

Open those items and then locate and select the desired modifier groups using the search field.

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