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Setting Menu Pages in Menu Management 2.0

Menu Pages allow you to assign your Menu Categories into specific menus, such as a dinner menu, a lunch menu, a breakfast menu and so on. You can also use this option to set whether a particular menu is used for Online Ordering.

The Menu Page screen displays the following key information:




The name of your menu. You can use the “pick up” control to sort this Menu in a different display order on the TouchBistro POS Order screen.

Enabled Status

Shows you which menu is enabled and if enable whether the Menu is available on the TouchBistro POS Order screen and/or the Menu designated for Online Ordering.


If the Menu is scheduled (that is becomes available on the TouchBistro POS only on certain days/times), you will see “Yes” here.

Adding/Editing a Menu

You will initially need to complete Menu Page Details section and the Schedule section.




Enter the name of your menu. For example, “Breakfast”.

Enable Menu Page

By default, your menu will be enabled for use on the TouchBistro POS Order screen. To fully disable its availability, remove POS. If you wish this menu to be available for use with online ordering, click the drop-down box and select Online Ordering. You can only have one menu enabled for Online Ordering.

Day of the Week

If you want this menu to only be available on certain days of the week, click this drop-down box and select the appropriate days.

Start/End Time

You can further limit the menu’s availability to a given time range. For example, you might only offer a Breakfast menu Saturday/Sunday between 9 am and 1 pm.

Add Schedule

Click this to add your configured day/time schedule. You may use the controls again to add additional availabilities. For example, your Breakfast menu might be available Monday – Friday 9 am to 11 am.

Adding Menu Categories

After you’ve created Menu Categories, you can return here and assign your menu categories using the Menu Categories section.

For example, our Lunch menu we offer items from a Lunch Menu Category and our Desserts Menu Category. If you want to add additional Menu Categories to add, click on the Search field and locate your desired Menu Categories.

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