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Setting Menu Items in Menu Management 2.0

The Menu Items option allows you to create your menu items.

The Menu Item screen displays the following key information about your configured menu items:



Menu Item

The name of the menu item.

Menu Category

The Menu Category the menu item is to be associated with.

If this menu item is intended to be used as a menu item modifier option (e.g., cheese to add to a sandwich, vegetable additions for a sub, or pizza topping), you can add this to the *Uncategorized Menu Items* menu category. Any menu item set as uncategorized will not be offered as an orderable item on TouchBistro POS but will be available for use as a modifier option.


Displays your pre-tax price if Inclusive Taxes has not been turned on our your post-tax price if Inclusive Taxes have been enabled.


Shows you what taxes are applied when the menu item is ordered. It’s good practice to scan down this list and ensure items have their proper tax settings. In the pictured example we can see the Beef Sliders item has had the Alcohol tax improperly enabled. We can also see the Beer item does not have an applicable tax applied.


You can hover over each Column header and sort. For example, you might want to sort from highest to lowest priced menu items.

Adding/Editing a Menu Item

Menu Item Details

When you create a new menu item, you need to complete the Menu Items Details section.

Complete or review the following:




This is the menu item’s name. This is public facing. For example, it appears on a guest check and Online Ordering.


Enter the menu item before-tax price if Inclusive Taxes are not enabled or the post-tax price if Inclusive Taxes are enabled.

Menu Category

Select which Menu Category this menu item should belong to. For example, is it under Mains, Apps, or a Beer?


Enter a description. This text is public facing on TouchBistro companion apps like Online Ordering.

Short Name

If you are using an impact printer to print kitchen tickets, menu items with names longer than 30 characters will wrap to the next line. If you find this hard to read, you can direct TouchBistro POS to use the Short Name instead. Enter the desired short name. You will also need to enable the use of short names via TouchBistro POS. Access Admin | Admin Settings | Advanced | Printer to enable.

Enable Menu Item

By default this will be enabled for use with TouchBistro POS. If you would like to temporarily hide the item (86 it), click on the X icon next to POS. If you would like to make this item available for Online Ordering, click the drop-down box and enable it. Alternatively, if you would like not make this item available for Online Ordering, click on the X icon next to Online Ordering.

Menu Category Defaults

If you are adding a new Menu Item, this section gets automatically completed based on the Menu Category you selected in the Menu Item Details section. Review it. If you remove a checkmark from the field’s Use default checkbox, you can adjust the setting for this particular menu item. You can edit the following settings:




If this item inherits an inapplicable tax or you need to apply a different/additional tax, select the tax. For example, you might have an Irish Coffee under a Coffee Menu Category but because it has a shot of alcohol in it, you need to levy the Alcohol tax on this particular menu item.


By default, the item’s kitchen ticket will print to the printer(s) specified in the Menu Category setting. For example, a beer menu item under a Beer menu category will print to whatever ticket printer was assigned to the Beer menu category. If you need to specify a unique printer for this particular menu item, you can use the drop-down box to select the new target printer. You can also select multiple printers.


If you need to specify this item as a different course from the Menu Category default, tap use the drop-down box to select the new course number.


If you prefer this menu item to have a different backing color when viewing the menu on TouchBistro POS (Text Button view), select it here.

Sales Category

If you prefer this item to be categorized under a different Sales Category, use the drop-down box to select it. For example, this menu item is an Irish Coffee. It’s part of a Coffee menu category set to Food. However, this particular item needs to be set to the Alcohol sales category.

Additional Settings

Setting these field have the following effect or use:




If you know the food or alcohol cost of the item, enter it here. This figure will be used on food/alcohol cost reports.


If you are using TouchBistro POS’s bar code scanning utility, enter the item’s UPC code.

Allow returns

Check Allow Returns if this item can be physically returned. For example, you sell your own bottled hot sauce, pork rub, or branded t-shirt as merchandise. Customers might want to return them. Flagging the item as returnable ensures they can be properly accounted for when returned.

Requires manager approval

If enabled, you can prevent a menu item from being added to a TouchBistro POS order unless a manager or admin enters their passcode to approve the sale. You can use this, for example, to prevent wait staff from adding a particularly expensive bottle of wine to a customer order.

This item is a gift card

If this item is set to represent a gift card value add, enable this.

Modifier Groups

If you have created Modifier Groups, you can add them here or remove them. Review the Forced Mod Count setting to ensure the Modifier Group you’ve associated is properly set as option (0) or forced (the value is greater than 0).

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